Pack the House Parking Packers

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Play free Pack the House Parking Packers - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Games

Are you a fan of Mickey Mouse games? Then come and try out this new game called “Pack the House Parking Packers” which will be a new parking game with some amazing cars in a mickey mouse theme. You can play this game for free and online here on this page of course, because why would you play to have fun right?
Well, if you have used to watch Mickey Mouse or you still do and you also love parking games and cars games, then you should totally try out this game right now here on our page, because you will surely have a lot of fun with it. of course you can start to play right now then game or you can read the next part of the description in order to find out more things about this  amazing game.
Some clients will come with their cars and you will have to drag Max over to the clients so that he can get inside the vehicles. You will have to use the mouse to drag the car around the lot and you will do this in order to put each car in the spot with the same color as the car is. As you can see you only have to use the mouse in order to play this game so the controls are very easy.
One important thing is that you should not forget to take the key and put it away properly because when clients will leave, you will take their cars and drag them back towards the exit so that they can get inside and then they can leave home when they are done with partying.
As you can see this game is pretty simple and this is all you have to do. I wish you all a great playtime, I hope you will have a lot of fun with it and I wish you also good luck!

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