Ready for Preschool Hiding Places

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Play free Ready for Preschool Hiding Places - TOTS Tiny Ones Transport Service Games

We have a new game for you to check out, and this Ready for Preschool Hiding Places is definitely not just any kind of game because you once again get to play with the TOTS Tiny Ones Transport Serive characters which is definitely a special occasion, because these animals are cute, friendly and fun and they are here to become even better friends with you and, of course, even to teach you a thing or two. 

This Ready for Preschool Hiding Places is one of the newest games which you can play with the TOTS characters, a new game for preschoolers in which your main mission is going to be to find all your friends. So you will see right from the beginning of the game, if you start your audio, you will see that your friends from the TOTS cartoons are actually talking to you and they will tell you everything you need to know about today's game. 

You will then see that there are two levels from which you can pick but don't worry, the order is not important because you can always go back and choose again, you can choose the other room or you can even visit the same room as many times as you want. 

In each of the rooms, playground, nursery, anywhere you are, your game is going to be the hide and seek game. We are sure you are familiar with this game, the characters are going to hide and you need to seek for them. some of them are going to be easier to find, because maybe you can see the cat's whiskers or the dog's ears, but other ones will may be more difficult, because they are totally hidden in the back of something. Good luck!

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