Hidden Objects Games

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What are Hidden Objects Games?

Find your favorite characters from cartoons and movies in pictures! Sky is the limit, and you will reach the stars together!

One of the latest categories from our website is Hidden Objects games, and it’s free to play for everyone who loves ability challenges. Inside this new category, you guys will be able to find more than one thousand games with fun Hidden Objects challenges, and with some of your favorite characters from movies, cartoons, series or even real life!

Hidden Objects games are going to be very easy to play here on our website, because the rules are going to be easy, and you will have the chance to gain a lot of points with each challenge you start, and that might lead to new records inside the Hidden Objects games, which will go straight up on the leaderboard of the series! The rules are going to be easy to follow, and the controls easy to use. You can see that the Hidden Objects games from our website are going to be available for you kids to play even on your mobile phones and tablets for free not only the Hidden Objects computer games or the laptop versions. If you are playing the Hidden Objects games on your phones and tablets, all you have to do is tap the screen to point out one of the objects from the list, but if you are playing on a computer or laptop, you can see that the controls will be the MOUSE.

Now that you know how to play, you need to learn which are the rules of each and every one of the Hidden Objects games! It doesn’t matter that theme of the game, the producer or which is the character that is bringing for you the Hidden Objects games, the rules are going to be the same! Once you start the game, you will see that there’s going to be a picture with the main character of the game in front of you, and on the side, you will have a list of Hidden Objects, and it’s going to be your mission to find them all on the picture presented. Even though it sounds easy, you will see that it’s not going to be es easy as you would think, because the items or objects in your list will be very well hidden in the picture.

Clock is ticking

We are sure that you are going to have a great time playing all the Hidden Objects games, because they are going to bring forward for you guys plenty of cute little characters that you would love to play with, and in which you will see original and maybe even not ever seen before pictures or footage from movies, cartoons or TV series. The games sound easy to finish and have the highest scores, but you will see that it’s not going to be easy, because the difficulty of the Hidden Objects games will rely on the time that you will have to finish each level! It’s not going to be easy, because dear kids you will see that you and the characters will have to click on the screen and point out to all the Hidden Objects on the list before your allowed time expired!

All the time that you will have left on the clock when you finished finding the objects will mean extra points for your counter! You will have the chance to have the highest score of the game, but for that you have to be very concentrated and very fast in finding the objects! Once you finish finding the objects from the list, you can see that most Hidden Objects games will have additional levels for you to unlock. With each level you finish withing the given time, you will unlock a new level which will of course be more difficult than the previous level, and that means that the list of objects can be higher or the time that you have available to finish the level to be shorter.

Hidden by girls

In these types of categories, you dear kids can see that we want everyone to have a great time playing the little challenges, so you can see that in the Hidden Objects games, we have a special set of games for girls that you will love to play. Why? Well, because it’s time for you to see which are the cutest girls that are already here on our website and have the best challenges, and starting from today, you will be able to see how the Disney princesses have plenty of hidden objects lists that you have to sort through and see how many points you can earn together.

Girls like Barbie or Super Barbie will prepare for you guys plenty of interesting challenges, in which they will combine fashion challenges with your main task of finding the hidden objects. You will see that Minnie Mouse, the My Little Pony girls, the Equestria Girls, Dora the Explorer or the LOL Surprise dolls are all going to have at least one Hidden Objects game for girls for you to try out on any device you have available!

Hidden by boys

Not only the girls can have a great time here on our website, and you dear kids can see that boys all ages can find their favorite character in this new Hidden Objects games category! You will see from robots, superheroes, monsters and mutants inside this category, and you will manage to help them have the highest score.

Are you wondering which of your favorite characters is here? Well, we can start from the Steve Minecraft! Plenty of Minecraft Hidden Objects games are available for you to try here on our website, and we are sure that you will manage to have a great time playing with all of your friends for free. Lego games are also very popular in this category, and even Lego Batman games for kids will be available for you to search. If you love cars, you will see that the Disney Cars characters or all the Blaze and the Monster Machines monsters trucks will have pictures for you to look at in this new category. Have fun!

How do you play hidden objects games?

You have a picture in front of you, and you have to look for the images from a given list.

Are hidden objects games hard?

Yes, you have to be focused and fast when you play.

Are hidden objects games fun?

Yes, you will meet with your favorite characters, movie stars, princesses or animal characters.

How fast should you be to play hidden objects games?

Very, because you will have a limited time for each level to find all the hidden objects.

How many levels does a hidden object game have?

You will see that the games will have at least 3 levels if not more.

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