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Play free Mole Catcher - Moley Games

We really hope you love the Moley cartoons because we have the cutest games with Moley and his friends here on our site, and this brand new Mole Catcher is one of the games we hope you are going to check out today because you really get to play with a lot of the characters we already know you love, like Moley, Manny, Dotty and so on. 

We have this new Mole Catcher and even though the title may mislead you, you have to know that this Mole Catcher is just an attention and skill game, none of your mole friends is in danger you shouldn't worry about that, and we are of course very happy to give you the chance to play with your good friends. 

This Mole Catcher is in fact a game in which, in each level of it, your mission is simply to find your mole friends whoa re going to be hiding all around the picture, and don't forget to not click on toys or other objects or characters who are not moles because that will take away one life from you. 

You have several chances to try to beat your record in this Mole Catcher, and it isn't a simple hidden objects game or anything like that because the mole friends you need to identify and click on are actually moving, they are going to pop up from windows or behind the different objects in each location you are playing in, and that means you also need to be quick. 

Don't try to click on all of them, you need to be patient and, of course, pay attention and maximise your chances at a high score by simply clicking on the characters you can, and avoiding to loose points by clicking on other objects or characters which are not moles. Good luck!

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