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Moley is an awesome cartoon, in which the main characters are Moles! Furry little animals that you will love, they act like humans and have their own Mole society, and you will have access to their adventures, educational challenges, and awesome dress-up parties.

Meet the amazing Moley

Moley, a delightful British computer-animated TV series, directed by Leon Joosen and produced by Tony Nottage at Nottage Productions, is based on stories written by James Reatchlous. The series centers around Moley, an optimistic and charming anthropomorphic mole residing in the lively MoleTown, surrounded by friends and other animals. The journey began with a 30-minute special, "Master Moley by Royal Invitation," which aired on Warner Bros. Discovery Boomerang UK channels in November 2020. After the transition from Boomerang MENA and CEE to Cartoonito, Moley started airing on Cartoonito MENA from September 4 and on Cartoonito CEE and France from March 18.

Originally, Moley was a 30-minute TV special titled "Master Moley by Royal Invitation," premiering on WarnerMedia channel Boomerang in EMEA territories on November 28, 2020. The full-fledged TV series, named Moley, kicked off with the first 26 11-minute episodes in October 2021, spanning over 119 countries. An additional 26 episodes are set for release in the spring of 2022. In the United States, the series made its debut on Peacock on July 7, 2023, and on July 13, 2023, episodes began releasing on the Talking Tom and Friend’s YouTube channel. Making its free-to-air debut on Pop during Christmas 2022, the series was expected to fully debut on Pop in January 2023. However, it began airing on October 2, 2023, after being listed on the Pop website in August 2023.

Moley, the charming and optimistic young mole, resides deep under Windsor Castle in MoleTown, serving as The Keeper of the Mystical Manual of Magic, or Manny. Despite being admired as a knowledgeable "mole of the world," Moley is just a regular mole facing everyday challenges. Whether racing in underground tunnels, entering cooking competitions, or sharing diverse mole cultures, Moley often finds himself in tricky situations. Fortunately, with the help of his friends, including the brainy Mona Lisa, the plucky Dotty, the wise Mystic Mole, and the inventive Mishmosh, Moley navigates through his adventures and overcomes even the trickiest molehills.

Your Moley friends

There are numerous characters that participate in this amazing series and now let’s find out some information about them. Here is the list of the characters that are playing in this amazing series called Moley and these are the following: Moley, Manny the Magic Book, Dotty, Mona Lisa, MishMosh, Mystic Mole, The Gardener, Squirm, Lester.

Meet the fantastic characters from the Moley series, each adding their own special charm to MoleTown. Moley, the star of the show is an anthropomorphic mole. He's the main character and lives in MoleTown, where all the exciting adventures unfold. Friends and Other Animals: Moley is not alone in MoleTown! He has a bunch of friends and other animal pals. These characters bring laughter, friendship, and lots of fun to the series. Master Moley by Royal Invitation: This character is so special that there's even a 30-minute special episode named after him! Master Moley is part of the royal invitation adventure that aired in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With this lovable cast, the Moley series is sure to bring joy and excitement to viewers as they join Moley and his friends on their entertaining adventures in MoleTown!

Having fun with Moley

In this amazing category of Moley games, you will be able to find all kinds of amazing games that will keep you entertained for long hours, especially if you love this Moley series and you have seen it, because then you can enjoy the games much better, but don’t worry if you haven’t seen it because you will surely enjoy them this way too. An awesome, fun game that you can find on here is the Moley The Purple Mole game. In this captivating journey, the princess of the land has been abducted, and it's up to you to guide Moley, the courageous purple mole, through a series of challenging levels filled with perilous obstacles. Your mission is to navigate these dangers skillfully and overcome every hurdle to ultimately rescue the princess.

Embark on a thrilling quest alongside Moley as you explore various landscapes and face unforeseen challenges. Traverse through mysterious caves, dodge tricky traps, and outsmart cunning enemies to progress through each level. The fate of the princess rests in your hands, and your determination will be the key to her rescue. "Moley the Purple Mole" promises an immersive gaming experience, with each level presenting a unique set of challenges to test your skills. Unleash the full potential of Moley's abilities, navigate intricate mazes, and collect valuable items along the way to aid you in your noble quest. We have full confidence that you'll excel in this new gaming adventure. Your strategic thinking and quick reflexes will play a crucial role in ensuring Moley successfully overcomes the obstacles and reaches the princess in distress. Brace yourself for an epic journey, and may you have the best time ever as you embark on this heroic quest with Moley the Purple Mole. Good luck, adventurer!

What types of games are included in Moley Games?

Moley Games encompass a variety of genres, including puzzle games, adventure games, and simulation games. Players can enjoy different gameplay styles and activities featuring Moley and his friends.

What are Moley Games?

Moley Games refer to a collection of entertaining and interactive video games inspired by the adventures of Moley, the anthropomorphic mole, and his friends from the Moley series.

Who are Moley's friends?

Moley's friends include Mona Lisa, Dotty, Mystic Mole, and Mishmosh, each contributing their unique qualities to the group.

What is Moley?

Moley is a British computer-animated television series featuring the adventures of Moley, an anthropomorphic mole, and his friends in MoleTown.

Can I customize Moley and his friends in the games?

In certain Moley Games, players have the option to customize the appearance of Moley and his friends. This customization may include changing outfits, accessories, and more to personalize your gaming experience.