Save the Doge 2

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Play free Save the Doge 2 - Animal Games

We hope you are ready for a new adventure with Doge because he is definitely one of the most popular animal characters online, everybody knows Doge is a very cute and friendly dog, but even if you don't know him, we are sure you are going to be curious to play this Save the Doge 2 and any other game in which you get to play with Doge because he is friendly, he is cute, and he is definitely fun so we really hope you are going to be curious to play with him . 

Doge needs your help in this new Save the Doge 2 and maybe you have played the first game with him, well we hope you are going to play the second game with him too because Doge and his friends need some help. 

As soon as you are going to start the game you will see that in each level you need to save him from the bees and that means that you need to get creative. The bees are really upset in some of the levels because Doge and his friends have stolen some honey and they want to protect it. 

Well the way you can protect doge and all of his friends is simply by drawing around them, you have some ink and you can get creative and use the ink and of course all the objects and nature itself from the game in order to protect the characters. The bees can become really creative too and if you don't build the right protection, they can penetrate that protection and attack Doge and his friends, but don't worry you can start either level again and again until you succeed. Good luck!

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