Portal Defenders Fast Break

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Introducing "Portal Defenders Fast Break", a super cool basketball game that's just landed online! This game is like a blast from the past with its awesome retro design, and guess what? It stars some of your favorite characters from Newgrounds, like Pico, his pals, the Madness Combat characters, and even Boyfriend from FNF! 

Are you ready to hit the court with them? Here's how you can start scoring some epic hoops and having a blast! First off, let's get you equipped with the controls. Use the 'A' key to pass the ball or call on a teammate, 'S' to shoot like a pro, and 'D' for that turbo boost. And hey, if you've got two gamepads, you can bring a friend along and rock the game together in the awesome 2-player mode!

Now, imagine yourself on the street courts, dribbling and shooting hoops like a pro. Your goal is simple: score more points than the other team before the clock runs out! You'll be teamed up with two characters, so pick your favorites, the ones you think will be the champions of the court. Play match after match, show off your skills, and claim victory! 

Keep shooting those hoops and winning those games until you become the ultimate champions. Trust me, once you start playing, the fun won't stop! And guess what? There's more excitement waiting for you just around the corner! So, grab your basketball, get your game face on, and let the hoop-tastic adventure begin! Get ready for an epic showdown on the court, and remember, the fun never ends!

Wishing you an incredible time playing! And guess what? If you're hungry for more fun, there are other games similar to this one waiting for you to explore. Don't forget to share these fantastic games with your friends so they can join in and have a blast, just like you! Enjoy the gaming adventures!

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Use the A, S, D keys