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Simple or more complex games, you can find them all here on our site,, and we hope any of you who visit our site will find here something which you like, and this brand new Alien Jump is definitely a very cute game which you have the chance to play, a simple and fun game which is suitable for each and everyone of you. 

​We jknow you love making new friends and here on our site you really have the chance to do that, and in this new jumping challenge, Alien Jump, even though you are playing with an alien, you have to know that he can be your best friend and this jumping challenge is a fun and simple one which we are sure you are going to enjoy. 

So come and do your best in this new Alien Jump game for you, all you need to do is pay attention tot he platforms, some of them can crumble after you stepped on them, some of them are going to move left and right, or even up and down, so you have to focus and to plan your next jump and your next platofrm. 

Each level can be more challenging than the one before, your ultimate goal is of course to reach the end of each level. You need to jump up from platform to platform, of course to collect all the bonus points you are going to have along the way, and to not fall down. But of course don't worry too much if you end up falling down because you can always try any level again and again, some of them are going to be really difficult. Good luck!

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