Watermelon Merge 3D

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This Watermelon Merge 3D is indeed going to be a one of a kind game, and all of you who love using your brain and skills when you are playing an online game here on our site, this brand new Watermelon Merge 3D is clearly the perfect one for you and we are more than happy to offer you all the instructions you need in order to do a good job. 

So this Watermelon Merge 3D new game is indeed going to be a merging type of game, like a 2048 merge game, but with fruits, which sounds lovely. You are indeed going to play a 3D game and the way that is going to look like is that you are actually playing in a box and in order to merge the fruits, the identical fruits to one another, you get to drop them from above and into the 3D box.

So indeed this Watermelon Merge 3D  is going to be a one of a kind merging challenge. You of course need to drop identical fruits one on top of the other in order to make them merge and generate the next fruit, and if you drop the fruits in the right possition you can even move the other fruits which are already in the box, maybe to make them merge even further or to simply get them further from the edge. 

Because there is one more thing you need to look out for in this Watermelon Merge 3D  game, because it is a 3D one and the fruits are indeed in a box, you have an edge to avoid, and if three fruits fall down from that edge, you will lose the game. But don't worry, you can always play again and try to beat your records. Good luck!

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