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"Mutant Idle" is an exciting new game that mixes strategy, fighting, and 3D adventure in a hypercasual setting! Are you ready for an incredible adventure? This game is jam-packed with mutants like Huggy Wuggy and other famous monsters from the internet that you adore! With all these amazing characters joining you, there's no doubt you're in for a thrilling ride!

Are you prepared to lead an army of Mutants in battle? To begin, your mad scientist will be busy constructing a machine that generates these incredible mutants. Connect various cables to build the machine, and soon enough, it will start spawning these extraordinary monsters. Once they are ready, you can take them into battle against your foes, and they'll follow your lead.

Your main mission is to conquer the army of red stickmen in each level. But be careful! You'll need to strategize and build up a powerful army of mutants. If you do not have enough strength, your enemies might overpower you. So, make sure you plan your moves wisely and prepare for battle!

As you progress through the levels, you'll unlock even stronger mutants. This is important because your enemies will also become more powerful. You'll need to evolve and upgrade your mutants to stand a chance against the increasingly tough opponents. Get ready for a whole lot of surprises along the way! Each level brings new challenges and exciting adventures. 

With Mutant Idle, you're in for an incredible and never-seen-before gaming experience. So, don't wait any longer! Start your adventure right now and get ready for a thrilling journey filled with excitement! Enjoy the game and have a blast! Also, don't forget to share with some good friends too, so that they can enjoy the game as well and have a good playtime, just like you did!

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