World of Alice Solar System

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Play free World of Alice Solar System - Educational Games

If you are curious to learn more but you love online gaming too, well you are in the perfect place here on our site,, because this World of Alice Solar System is one of the newest educational games that you actually get to play here on our site and we are more than happy to offer you the chance to play a new game in which you can make a new friend, of course. 

So come and try out this new World of Alice Solar System in which your mission , first of all, is to become friends with Alice and you will see that she is a really nice girl and she just can't wait to be playing with you and simply having the best time ever with you. 

But Alice is not here just to play, she is ready to teach you something new, and today she is dressed as an astronaut so, of course, she is going to teach you a few things about our Solar System. But don't worry, this little game World of Alice Solar System is of course for kids, so your mission is not going to be a difficult one. 

You actually need your speakers becuse you have the chance to listen to what Alice is telling you about the planets in our Solar System. One of the missions you are going to have is to identify the planets and you can do that by the way of how they look, because each planet has specific characteristics, and of course you can also do that by their placement becuase, of course, they have a certain order. Good luck!

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