Gumball Maths Test

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We are very pleased to show you our new Gumball game which we find very nice, a fun and just right game for you kids and hope you will think this too. We hope that the title, Gumball Maths Test, will not scare away the ones that don’t like mathematics in school because we aren’t at school here, you are with Gumball and together with friends like that nothing should seem boring, and you will see that it’s definitely not boring. This maths test will be nothing like at school but of course you need the knowledge you learnt in school to play this game, so maybe if you see you can’t do it right in this game, next time you will be more attentive at school because the thought that some of you may not play this game correctly because they don’t pay attention in school it’s a very sad thing, and we hope you kids don’t want that to happen either. So all you have to do in this Gumball game is to pay attention to the equation that is given to you in every round and say if the result it’s True , or False. If you don’t get them right 90% in the times, you can’t go to the next level. Good luck!

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