Water Sons

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In the world of Gumball there is always something interesting and magical happening, it’s not that in the world we are living there isn’t happening anything interesting, but of course the story land of Gumball is filled with extraordinary characters, happenings, magic and happiness. In this cute Gumball story the main character has a serious problem, he would have liked to sleep in because he was very tired, it is Saturday and the school-week was very long and hard, but the sun is shining very brightly so Gumball can’t sleep at all and this is bothering him very much. He asked, it’s true not very nicely, the sun to keep the bright lower, but the sun just got very furious because Gumball is not gratefull for this beautiful day so he turned on the brightness even more and the citizens of Gumball’s city are very hot, they just can breath. So this is way Gumball and his brother Darwin decided it’s time for the Water Sons to cool things off, so they filled a lot of ballons with water and now they are walking through the city and trying to cool everyone off. You have to help your friends to aim well and help everybody out. Good luck!

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How to play

Use your MOUSE to aim and shoot, SPACEBAR to switch between characters and R to restart the level.