Gumball Recipe Run

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To have brothers and sisters it means to have always someone to play with, to always have a friend who will never leave you and who always wants to play with you. Well, this is Gumball’s situation, he has Anais , his sister, and Darwin, his brother and the three of them always play nicely and invent all kind of activities. But in this particular Gumball game you really have to help them because they are in their school and Gumball has a very delicious meal, but you know how kids are, everybody wants to taste it. But if everybody takes only a bite, it won’t remain anything for Gumball and Anais and Darwin. So the three of them are running through their school from their classmates who are chasing them, all you kids have to do is follow Anais, that’s the easy part, the hard part will be to avoid all the obstacles in your way, like bananas that are very slippery and other classmates that can fly and come towards Gumball and Darwin who is right behind him. You have to avoid all this obstacles sliding under them or jumping over them, but you can’t tripp over them. Good luck!

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How to play

Use your MOUSE to jump,swipe up, and slide, swipe down.