Gumball Dental Problems

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Everybody has to go to the doctor now and then because we are only human and we get sick sometimes, we owe it to ourselves to take care of our body, so we can bel healthy. Even if Gumball is not a human, even if he is some kind of magical animal that lives in his magical world, way different from ours, he can still get sick sometimes and he has to take care of himself. He has bad teeth because he didn’t take care of them , he ate a lot of candies and things like that, also the bad cooking his dad makes, and there you have it, Gumball has to go to the dentist and he is terrified. You kids have the chance to help a friend here and be Gumball’s dentist, you can fix his bad teeth and take care of them so he won’t be so scared anymore, you have to show him that going to the dentist is not so bad and it only does him good, his teeth won’t hurt anymore after that and he will be all fine. All you have to do is play with all kind of dental machines that are shown in the lower part of the game, take all that gadgets and try to figure it out what you have to do with them, the game will show you don’t be worried, you just have to pay attention and help your friend Gumball to have his good teeth back. Good luck!

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