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Play free Five nights at Fazbears - Five Nights at Freddy Games

"Five Nights at Fazbear's" is a thrilling adventure where you take on the job of a night guard at the famous Fazbear pizzeria! Your mission? Survive five nights by defending yourself against some pretty tricky animatronics, Fazbear and Golden Fazbear! Brace yourself for a wild ride as you navigate through the spooky challenges that await.

Let's dive into the fantastic features of this game! First off, you'll encounter characters from the popular meme, Freddy Fazbear! Get ready to face off against these iconic characters in a game filled with interesting gameplay and mechanics inspired by the legendary "Five Nights at Freddy's". Plus, enjoy the experience in stunning 3D graphics that'll make your adventure even more exciting!

Now, here's how to play. Tap or use your mouse to rotate the camera, exploring different views to keep an eye on those sneaky animatronics. Use the button at the bottom to open and close your tablet, allowing you to monitor the animatronics' movements through various cameras. Switch between the different cameras to keep a close watch on those tricky animatronics.

When the animatronics get too close for comfort, quickly close the doors using the red button near the passage to keep them at bay.
You can also use light to detect the animatronics. Simply press the yellow button near the passage to shine a light and scare them off. Keep an eye on your battery! If it runs out, the doors, tablet, and light won't work, leaving you vulnerable.

Survive until 6:00 AM to pass the night and move on to the next thrilling challenge. You'll find detailed instructions along with helpful pictures within the game to guide you through this intense adventure! So, get ready to face your fears, outsmart those animatronics, and survive the nights at Fazbear's in this heart-pounding game!

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