Creepy Night at Freddys

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"Creepy Night at Freddys" is an intense adventure game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Your mission is to escape from Freddy's building, but it won't be easy. There are Faz-Wrenches hidden all around, and you need to collect them to get out. Listen closely for the sound they make to help track them down.

If you're ready for an adventure, this game is ready for you! Start playing now and let the excitement begin! And if you want to know more about this game before diving in, keep reading. It'll help you enjoy this game even more by giving you all the details.

But watch out for Freddy! If he spots you, you'll need to dash away as fast as you can to avoid getting caught. Now, let's talk controls. If you're playing on a computer, use the WASD keys to move around. Press and hold the C key to crouch, and use Left Shift to toggle between running and walking. If you need a breather, hit the Tab key to pause. Don't forget, move your mouse to change your view.

For mobile devices, you've got different controls. The left part of the screen helps you move, while the right part controls your camera. This way, you can explore and look around to find those tricky Faz-Wrenches. Keep an eye out, stay quiet, and listen for those clues! Good luck on your escape from Freddy's building!

I hope that you will all have an amazing playtime, with a lot of fun in it. If you want to have even more fun, then you can try out the other games that are similar to this one and also share with some friends as well, so that they can have the same experience as you and have some great fun!

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How to play

Use the WASD, mouse, C, left shift, tab