Idle Airport Empire Tycoon

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Ready to take flight with "Idle Airport Empire Tycoon"? Get set for a sky-high adventure where you build, manage, and grow your very own airport! Imagine starting with a small airport just waiting for your magic touch. Your mission? Turn it into a bustling hub of travel! Picture this: you collect and own a fantastic collection of planes and helicopters. 

You're the boss here! Open runways, schedule flights, and make sure everything runs like clockwork. But wait, there's more! You can jazz up your airport, from the rooms and halls to the whole exterior and interior. Make it a top-notch place where travelers wanna hang out. Oh, and don’t forget to keep an eye on those little things, like overloaded trash cans or vending machines, they need your attention too!

Now, the game's all about being an "Idle Tycoon". That means you'll be developing your airport for a while. Your goal? To buy planes, expand runways, and set up facilities that bring in more profits from visitors. Want things to move faster? Give that progress bar above each counter a click, and voila, faster service!

Here’s the cool part, watch short videos to grab those sweet temporal bonuses! Instant service, extra income, yep, they're all up for grabs! Now, how do you play this epic game? It all starts with a nifty tutorial that'll guide you through the basics. You’ll learn to buy and upgrade buildings, plus assign planes to flights. To get new buildings or spruce up the old ones, just click on them! 

Peek at the cost and hit that Purchase button. Already got a building? Check it out! You can manage its content and upgrade it to make it even better. Wanna speed up service? Easy peasy! Just click on the progress bar above the cashiers' heads at the checkout. So, future airport magnate, get ready to soar with "Idle Airport Empire Tycoon". Build, expand, and make your airport the hottest spot in the skies!

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