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Welcome to "Discolor Master", the ultimate hypercasual shooting game where you'll put your color-matching skills to the test! In this unique and exciting game, you'll embark on a colorful journey to discolored stickmen and emerge as the ultimate "Discolor Master". Now let's see how you will have to play this awesome hypercasual shooting 3d game.

As you navigate through each level, you'll encounter stickmen of various colors. Your goal is to shoot each stickman with the same color as they have, causing them to lose their color and ultimately disappear. Use your mouse to aim and hold the left mouse button to attack. Be quick and precise in your color selection to effectively discolored the stickmen.

While you're busy discolored stickmen, be mindful of your surroundings and watch out for enemy attacks. If a stickman shoots you with a color that does not match yours, you will lose health. Keep an eye on your health bar and try to avoid getting hit as much as possible. If your health bar depletes entirely, you'll lose the level and have to start over.

With each successful discolored stickman, you will progress to the next level. As you advance, the game will become increasingly challenging, with more stickmen appearing on the screen and faster-paced gameplay. Stay focused, stay alert, and use your color-matching skills to overcome each new challenge.

To enhance your discolored abilities and improve your chances of success, you can use the rewards you earn from completing levels to make upgrades. Upgrade your shooting speed, accuracy, and health to become an unstoppable "Discolor Master". With determination and skill, aim to become the ultimate Discolor Master by conquering all levels and mastering the art of color-matching shooting. Show off your prowess to your friends and challenge them to beat your high score.

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Use the mouse.