Blonde Sofia Scalp Scaling

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This new game called "Blonde Sofia Scalp Scaling" is about Sofia's hair, it hasn't been feeling the best lately. It's been itchy, and she's seen some little bugs called lice crawling around. But don't worry, because you're here to help her with a special treatment called Scalp Scaling! 

First, let's get Sofia comfortable in the chair. She might be a little nervous, but you can reassure her that everything will be okay. Now, it's time to start the treatment.  You'll use gentle shampoo and a special comb to carefully remove any lice and eggs from her hair. Sofia might giggle a little as you comb through her hair, but she'll feel much better knowing those pesky bugs are gone! 

Next, it's time to cleanse Sofia's scalp. You'll use a soothing solution to wash away any dirt, oil, and dandruff that might be causing her scalp to feel itchy. With each gentle massage, Sofia will feel more relaxed and comfortable. You'll make sure her scalp is squeaky clean and ready to heal! After the cleansing comes the fun part: the makeover! 

Sofia loves playing with makeup, so she's excited to try out some new looks. You'll help her choose the perfect lipstick color, blush shade, and eye-shadow palette to enhance her natural beauty. Sofia will feel like a glamorous princess as you apply each product with care. But the makeover isn't complete without a stylish outfit! Sofia has a closet full of trendy clothes and accessories waiting for her. 

Together, you'll pick out the perfect ensemble, from a cute dress to fashionable shoes. With each piece you choose, Sofia's confidence will shine brighter and brighter. Finally, it's time for Sofia to see her reflection in the mirror. As she gazes at her fresh, glowing complexion and stylish outfit, she can't help but smile from ear to ear.

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