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"Tap 3 Mahjong" offers a unique twist on traditional mahjong and match-3 games, blending the two genres into a fresh, exciting challenge. If you're looking for a game that combines the strategy of mahjong with the fun of matching tiles, this is the perfect pick! Here's a simple guide to help you master the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

The goal is to match three identical mahjong tiles by tapping on them and eliminating them from the screen. Clear all tiles to win the level. Tap on the tiles you want to match. Each time you tap on a tile, it moves to one of the eight available slots at the bottom of the screen. When three identical tiles are placed consecutively in these slots, they are eliminated, earning you points.

The level is completed when all tiles are matched and removed from the screen. You have eight slots at the bottom of the screen. If you fill all these slots without making a match, you won’t have space to place more tiles, causing you to lose the level and restart. Use the undo button to revert your last move if you make a mistake. Note that the undo feature has a limited number of uses, so use it wisely.

Each level presents a new challenge with tiles arranged in various patterns and formations. This diversity keeps the game exciting and ensures you’re always facing new puzzles. As you advance, the levels become more complex, requiring more strategy and careful planning to clear the tiles.

With "Tap 3 Mahjong", you get a delightful mix of strategy and fun, combining the best elements of mahjong and match-3 games into a single, enjoyable experience. Now that you know how to play and have some tips up your sleeve, dive into the game and start matching those tiles! Have fun and happy matching!

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