Cat Gunner Super Zombie Shoot

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"Super Zombie Shooting" is a thrilling new zombie shooter game where you step into the furry paws of a brave Cat Gunner. Dive into this action-packed adventure with pixel graphics and straightforward gameplay that's easy to pick up but hard to put down. Get ready to stop a zombie invasion and save your cat friends from danger!

You play as a heroic cat equipped with powerful weapons to fight off waves of zombies. Your mission is to eliminate all zombies and rescue your captured friends. Move your Cat Gunner around the map with arrows or WASD keys. Shoot your weapon at the incoming zombies with the space bar. Switch between different weapons in your arsenal with R key. Dash to avoid zombie attacks and navigate quickly with F key. Throw grenades to deal massive damage to groups of zombies with G key.

Walk the streets and take out any zombies you encounter. Each level will bring more zombies, and they will get tougher, faster, and bigger. You’ll need to stay alert and use your weapons wisely to survive. At the end of each level, you’ll face a powerful boss zombie. Defeat the boss to rescue your captured cat friends and move on to the next stage. 

After defeating zombies, pick up the coins they drop. These coins can be used to buy new weapons and upgrades.
Collect fish to replenish your health. Fish are vital for surviving the tougher zombie waves. Use your collected coins to unlock power-ups, new weapons, and even vehicles. These upgrades will make you stronger and help you take down the zombies more efficiently. Vehicles can give you an edge in battles, allowing you to move faster and deal more damage.

Jump into the action and become the Cat Gunner in Super Zombie Shooting! Shoot your way through hordes of zombies, defeat powerful bosses, and save your friends. With every level, you'll become stronger and more skilled, making you the ultimate zombie-slaying hero.

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How to play

Use the arrows/WASD keys, spacebar, F, R, G keys.