Spacebar Clicker

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The "Spacebar Clicker" is the latest addition to our collection of exciting clicker games online, and we're thrilled to introduce it to our visitors. We know how much you enjoy engaging, unique, and fun clicker games, especially when they feature a cool setting, quirky characters, and impressive 3D graphics. 

Start by clicking on the spacebar icon on your screen. Each click will generate coins. Coins will also accumulate automatically over time, but the more you click, the faster you earn. As you gather coins, you can spend them to unlock a variety of jelly alien characters. Some of the jelly characters you can collect include: Just Jelly, Happy Jelly, Crying Jelly, Wimpy Jelly, Jolly Jelly.

Each character offers different benefits and helps increase your coin production. Use your earnings to upgrade and unlock new spacebar ships. These ships come with unique designs and additional benefits that enhance your gameplay. The more advanced the ship, the more efficiently you can generate coins. As you progress, you can unlock new galaxies and explore different parts of space.

Invest in boosts and upgrades to speed up your coin generation and increase your earnings. More customers and aliens mean more money, allowing you to continuously expand your space empire. There is no set end to the game. You can keep clicking and earning for as long as you want. The more you play, the more rewards and upgrades you can accumulate, making the game increasingly fun and engaging.

The "Spacebar Clicker" is all about making the most of your clicks and having fun while exploring space with your jelly alien friends. With endless possibilities for upgrades and new discoveries, it's a game that keeps on giving. Start playing now and see how many coins you can collect! Don't forget to invite your friends to join in on the fun and see who can become the ultimate spacebar clicker master.

How to play

Use the mouse.