Toca Boca Attractions

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"Toca Boca Attractions" is an exciting new simulator game that is part of the beloved Toca Boca series. It invites children to explore a vibrant theme park filled with various attractions and activities. This game promises endless fun and creativity, allowing young players to immerse themselves in an imaginative world where they can control and interact with various elements. 

In "Toca Boca Attractions", you start your adventure in a bustling theme park packed with rides, games, and other exciting venues. The game is designed to let kids roam freely and explore the different attractions at their own pace. You can move around the park by clicking and dragging the mouse to the left or right. On touch devices, simply swipe to explore different areas of the park. 

This allows you to find all the attractions scattered throughout the park. When you come across an attraction that catches your eye, you can drag and drop characters into the ride or game by clicking and holding on them and then moving them to the desired spot. Once the characters are in place, start the attraction by hitting the play button. 

The characters will then interact with the ride or game, providing endless entertainment and surprises. To stop an attraction, simply click the pause button. This gives you control over how long each activity lasts and allows you to quickly move on to other attractions or games without having to wait. The theme park is filled with a variety of activities that are sure to captivate young players. 

From thrilling rides to fun games, there's something for everyone. Each attraction offers unique interactions and fun animations, making the game a delightful experience for kids. Start your adventure in the Toca Boca theme park today and discover all the exciting attractions waiting for you. There's no limit to the fun you can have, so dive in and enjoy everything this delightful game has to offer!

How to play

Use the mouse.