Sorting Sorcery

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"Sorting Sorcery" is a fun new puzzle game where you help a friendly witch organize her messy cupboard. She has lots of magical things like potions, fruits, and vegetables scattered everywhere, and your job is to sort them out. The witch needs everything neatly arranged for her spells, and you can help her!

In "Sorting Sorcery", you use your mouse or finger to pick up different items from the witch's cupboard and place them on the correct shelves. You’ll find things like glasses, vegetables, potions, and fruits. Click or tap on an item to pick it up, then click or tap again to put it on a shelf. It’s like tidying up a magical room!

The goal is to sort all the items so that each shelf only has one type of item on it. For example, one shelf might only have potions, while another has only fruits. Once you’ve sorted everything this way, you’ll move to the next level. Each level is timed, so you need to finish quickly. Try to move the items in the fewest steps possible to get a higher score. 

If you sort everything quickly and accurately, you can earn up to three stars per level. The more stars you get, the better you’ve done! Before you start moving things, see where everything is and plan where you want to put them. Try to sort the items fast to beat the timer and get more stars. Make sure each shelf has only one type of item.

"Sorting Sorcery" is easy to play and lots of fun! Help the witch tidy up her magical cupboard and become a master sorter. Start your magical sorting adventure now and see how many stars you can get. I hope you will all have an amazing playtime and I wish you all good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse.