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Welcome to "Era Evolution", a thrilling blend of war strategy and tower defense where you guide your army through different epochs, from medieval times to the modern era. Use your mouse or touch controls to select units from the options available at the bottom of the screen. Choose from swordsmen, archers, cannons, turrets, and more as you progress through different ages.

Your goal is to advance across the battlefield towards the enemy base on the right side of the screen. Destroying their base is the key to winning each battle. Earn rewards by defeating enemies and achieving milestones. These rewards allow you to advance through different ages, upgrading your units to more powerful and modern versions.

Manage your resources effectively. Use food as currency to purchase units and deploy them strategically on the battlefield. The more battles you win, the more resources you'll accumulate. Utilize special attacks and abilities strategically to gain an advantage over your opponents. Timing these abilities can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Overwhelm your opponents by deploying a larger and more diverse army. Balance between offensive units and defensive structures like turrets to protect your own base. As you progress through ages, adapt your strategy to the evolving battlefield. Modern units may have superior firepower but require careful management against varied enemy tactics. Upgrade your units regularly to keep up with the increasing challenges posed by your enemies.

"Era Evolution" offers a dynamic and engaging war strategy experience that challenges your tactical thinking and resource management skills. From ancient warriors to futuristic technology, evolve your army and conquer the battlefield through the ages. Embark on your journey through history in "Era Evolution". Command your army, dominate the battlefield, and lead your forces to victory across multiple epochs. Are you ready to rewrite history and establish your legacy as a formidable strategist?

How to play

Use the mouse.