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Welcome to "Slash Royal", an exhilarating new hypercasual action and fighting game that immerses you in a 3D world filled with dynamic stickman avatars! Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the world of online games, Slash Royal offers an easy-to-understand gameplay that lets you dive straight into the action.

In "Slash Royal", your primary objective is to control your stickman character, collect powerful weapons, and defeat your opponents in intense battles. Drag your stickman around the map using your mouse or touch screen. It's intuitive and lets you move quickly and strategically to outmaneuver your enemies. As you navigate the map, look out for a variety of weapons scattered around. 

Weapons are crucial as they increase your attack power and give you the edge in battle. The weapons you can find include: hammers, axes, bombs, crossbows, maces, swords. When you encounter an enemy, use your weapon to attack them. The stronger your weapon, the higher your chances of winning the battle. Be quick and strategic, use the environment to your advantage, such as dodging around obstacles or attacking from higher ground.

Before each battle, you get a chance to choose from various upgrades. These can significantly enhance your fighting abilities. Options may include size increase, speed boost, starting weapons, additional health. Each victory not only boosts your confidence but also rewards you with even better upgrades for the next fight. As you progress, the battles become more challenging, requiring you to be more tactical and skilled.

Are you ready to test your skills and become the ultimate champion in "Slash Royal"? Jump into the game now, and enjoy the thrill of slashing your way through enemies and climbing to the top of the leaderboard. Once you’ve honed your skills, invite your friends to join in the fun and see who can become the reigning champion of this exciting 3D slashing game.

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Use the mouse.