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"Duck Math" is a delightful game that brilliantly combines the excitement of platform-adventure games and the strategic elements of escape games with the educational fun of math puzzles. The star of this game is a cute duck, making it a must-play for kids and adults as well. Your goal in "Duck Math" is to help the charming duck navigate through various levels, collect keys, solve math problems, and ultimately reach the exit door. 

The game is not just about platforming skills but also about quick thinking and problem-solving. Use the WAD or arrow keys to move the duck around the level. Each level presents a unique platforming challenge where you must guide the duck to the exit door. The door will only open once you've collected the key, but the key only appears after solving the math equations presented in each level.

At the top of the screen, you’ll see a series of math equations with missing numbers. Your task is to navigate the course to find the blocks that contain the missing numbers needed to complete these equations. Once you've collected the correct numbers and completed all equations, the key will appear. 

After solving the math problems, you can grab the key that appears somewhere in the level. Use your platforming skills to reach the key, avoiding any obstacles or traps that may be in your way. Be mindful of the time! You are being timed on each level, so the quicker you solve the problems and navigate the course, the better. 

Avoid picking the wrong numbers or collecting them in the wrong order, as doing so can make you lose the game or force you to restart the level. Have fun, keep learning, and enjoy the adventures of the clever duck in "Duck Math"! Stay tuned for more exciting and educational games coming your way on our website.

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How to play

Use the WAD/arrow keys.