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"Wood Farmer" is an exciting and engaging hypercasual farming game in 3D, where you take on the role of a stickman farmer tasked with building and expanding your farm by chopping wood, mining resources, and exploring new territories. This game is perfect for players who love simple yet addictive gameplay that combines elements of resource management, exploration, and construction.

Move your farmer around the map by clicking or tapping on the screen. Your farmer will automatically interact with objects, like chopping trees or collecting resources. Your main goal is to expand and develop your farm by collecting wood and other resources. Use these materials to build structures and conquer new areas, all while managing your farm efficiently.

As you move around the map, look for trees. These are your primary source of wood. Get close to a tree, and your farmer will start chopping it automatically. Collect the wood blocks that drop from the trees. Bring the collected wood back to your base. The more wood you gather, the more you can build and expand your farm. Use the wood to build your first building and other structures around your farm. 

These buildings help you expand your operations and store resources. To explore new territories, you need to build bridges. Collect enough wood to construct these and access new areas of the map. Once you've built bridges and expanded your territory, find mines where you can collect ore. Just like with chopping wood, move your farmer close to the mine, and they will start collecting ore automatically. 

The collected ore can be used to build advanced structures and upgrade your farm facilities. So, get ready to start your farming journey! Chop wood, build your farm, mine resources, and expand your territory to become the ultimate wood farmer. And don’t forget to check out more fun and engaging farming games in 3D on our website. Happy farming!

How to play

Use the mouse.