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What are Harvey Beaks Games?

Well, today the new category is dedicated to the animated serie know as Harvey Beaks and we promise to offer you as many new games as we can in here.

Nickelodeon has done it again, and brought to us a brand new series that we are sure that you will love! This new series is called Harvey Beaks, and we have just created the new Harvey Beaks games category, in which you will be able to find starting from today the latest challenges that the main characters of this Nickelodeon cartoon have to offer. This series was originally released only in the US, so the main language talked in the show is going to be English, but it was soon picked up from different Nickelodeon networks all over the globe, so you might have seen the TV series in your native language, right on Nickelodeon.

Starting from today, the latest online Harvey Beaks games are available for you to try out for free, because our website is free to play, and you will be able to use the MOUSE, press the play button on any of the wanted Harvey Beaks games and start playing them for free, on any of the following devices: mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops. The Harvey Beaks show on Nicklodeon aired from 2015 until 2016, and it had two seasons. Harvey Beaks season 1 had twenty six episodes, and the Harvey Beaks seasons 2 had two different seasons inside a season, with 11 and 15 episodes aired on Nicktoons.

Why do we know that you will love the Harvey Beaks games? Because this is one of the first Nickelodeon series that starts anthropological animal characters! The main characters of the Harvey Beaks story is going to be a friendly bird character who’s name actually gives the name of the show, and it’s in the title: Harvey Beaks! He is always going to be with two friends by his side, which are little monsters called imps. The imps names are Free and Foo, they are twin brothers.

You are starting to learn more and more about the Harvey Beaks games from this short description, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing the Harvey Beaks challenges from our website, where you can see that we already published more than five games for you to play with all of your friends. We are not stopping here, because Harvey Beaks games can become your favorite, and for that you will have to try each and every one of the levels and games for kids that you can see right here on our website.

Between animals and monsters

The entire action of the Harvey Beaks games is going to take place in the town of Littlebark Grove, and you will see that Harvey Beaks is going to be helped by Fee and Foo to get out of any danger or any pickle that they might end up in. Each and every one of the Harvey Beaks games from our website is going to bring for you guys a new adventure, in which Harvey Beaks and his friends are going to need help. The adventure games with Harvey Beaks are going to have the same controls. Using the A, S, W, D keys or the ARROW keys on the keyboard, you will see that you can control your avatar and start to look on how you can have the highest score in each level.

One of the main characters inside the Harvey Beaks games and all the episodes of the show on Nickelodeon is going to be of course, Harvey Beaks. If you do not know the show, you will see that he is going to be a little bird character, which has the ability to walk in two feet and even talk! Harvey is just ten-years-old, which will make him be around your age. What makes him special is that Harvey suffers from OCD, and that will make the main character even more interesting, because the show is going to target people or kids that may have the same disorder, and help them guide better in life, and normalize different mental health issues that kids nowadays may suffer from. Harvey Beaks is going to be as normal as possible despite the OCD, and you can see that even though he has a hard time coming out of his comfort zone due to it, he will be always in different situations, dangers and adventures that are not normal.

One of the other characters that is very important for the Harvey Beaks games is going to be Fee! She is one of Harvey’s best friends, and Foo’s twin sister. Fee is the same age as Harvey, but unlike him, she is going to be an imp. Fee is very protective with Harvey because she loves him very much, just like she does with her brother.

Foo is the second imp character in this Nickelodeon story. He is Fee’s twin brother, and the second best friend that Harvey has in the story. Of course, he is the same age as his twin sister, and Harvey at the same time. Along Foo, the story comes with their own story, because it seems that Foo and Fee are more or less homeless, and they end up living in a tree, where they are trying to make the best of their life.

Fun and games

You can see that here on our website, we already started posting the most interesting Harvey Beaks games online, and you will be able to access our new category for free. All you have to do is start looking for our games wherever you can. If you want to find our Harvey Beaks games category, all you have to do is go on Google, and look for new Harvey Beaks games online, free Harvey Beaks games on phones or free laptop Harvey Beaks games for kids, and you will see that our website is going to pop up, and you can have access to our category one click away.

Harvey Beaks Are you Fee or Foo game is ready for you to try it, and it’s one of the very first Nickelodeon games for children, in which the Harvey Beaks characters are waiting for you. This is going to be a very interesting quiz game, in which you will have to make sure that you can show that you are real fans of the show before you can have the highest score. Because it’s a quiz game, you will have to use the MOUSE to navigate the game. Each and every one of the levels is going to be a different question from the Harvey Beaks TV Show, and based on the questions that you will give in the quiz, you will see at the end, if you are more of a Fee or a Foo character, and you can cross-check your answers with your friends.

How many seasons of Harvey Beaks are there?

There are two seasons available.

Is Harvey Beaks an animal?

Harvey Beaks is a bird.

Is Harvey Beaks sick?

No, he is healthy, but he suffers from OCD.

Where can we watch Harvey Beaks?

Harvey Beaks was available on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons.

What kind of bird is Harvey Beaks?

Havery is a bluebird who is known for his big head.

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