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Well, today the new category is dedicated to the animated serie know as Harvey Beaks and we promise to offer you as many new games as we can in here.

Are you ready for more new categories? Well here we are , again with new categories of games for you, new characters with whom you can befriend and have fun by playing the games that they have to offer . has decided that now is the perfect time to offer you another new and beautiful category of games dedicated to characters. Because we want you to be happy all the time, we are always opened to sugestions, so do not hesitate to make them. We tought that we should bring you special categorie dedicated to new characters, funny ones in which you have as many beautiful games as you can. Well, today the new category is dedicated to the animated serie know as Harvey Beaks and we promise to offer you as many new games as we can in here. As it is another one of our new serie we would like to offer you some detailes about the story and the characters before you play the games. In this way we promise you that you will understand better the games, by knowing the story and something about the characters. The series focuses on Harvey Beaks, a sweet, mild-mannered young bird and his two best friends, rambunctious twins called Fee and Foo. Together, the trio seek adventure and mischief in the magical forest that they call home and they invite you to join them and have fun together. If you love the serie than for sure you will love even more the games as you will control the characters . Harvey is a well behaved kid who lives by the rules and gets a kick out of making his world a nice, neat and orderly place, but behind his innocence burns an adventurous, yet thoughtful spirit and you will love him for that. He is not a kid who can easily break rules, so in order to get the most out of life, he re-writes them in his own earnest way and makes as a result everything interesting and beautiful. One of his friend is Foo , a very energetic person, so energetic that he seems to wear even himself out, being totally energized one minute and fast asleep the next which makes him kind of funy, don’t you think? Foo is the most impulsive of his friends, being unafraid to jump into dangerous situations and always bringing more fun to their adventures. Fee is a kid who sinks her pointy teeth into childhood and Foo’s sister. She’s fiercely loyal, confident and dirty always searching for something new to do . Since she’s never had anyone to tell her what to do, she does exactly what she wants and when she wants no matter the consequences. We hope that now you know the characters better and the games will be more easy to understand. Enjoy spending the time with us, here on!!!

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