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What are Hunting Games?

Hunting was never easier! You will be able to go rabbit hunting, wildlife hunting, duck hunting which is the most popular around the world through each challenge that we post. Feel free to browse the category and find your 2 player hunting game that you can play with your friends, or go inside the 3D hunting simulators that we have prepared.

We are always trying to improve our pool of categories and games, so starting from today dear kids you can see that we have just posted the new Hunting games category, in which you can see that there will be a lot of exciting challenges that you can play with all of your friends for free. You can see that inside this new category, amazing characters from your favorite cartoons, shows or movies will be ready to try and become real hunters, but they cannot do it all by themselves, so they will need your help each step of the way. Hunting is considered a real sport by plenty of people, and it's recognized as being appaling by many others especially in the latest years, but the fenomenon is still alive, and more and more people each day want to try to go hunting at least once in their life to see the feeling.

For all of those who don't know, hunting will include a hunter, and a pray. The hunter inside these games will be almost 100% of the time you guys. You will have an avatar and an inventory of weapons that you will be able to use in order for the pray to be seen, hunted and shot before the time expires. You will see how much fun you can have playing these games, because you will have to be very accurate while hunting. If you are not fully concentrated during a hunting party, you will see that you will not shoot anything, you will miss each of your targets and the points that you should've earned will be lost! Make sure that you use the MOUSE throughout the games, because if you are playing on your computers or laptops, it's going to be the main controls that you will have while hunting.

The most popular hunting games inside this category will be the bird hunting challenges, in which you will see that you will have a rifle which can be different based on the type of game. While bird hunting, you will have a special riffle, often called as a shotgun, because you will not be very far away from your pray, so you don't reall need much accuracy to hit your target. It's going to be even more easier, because shotguns have a bullet which is filled with hundred of other little ones that will most definetly hit your target if you are close enough and will be in your range. The shotguns will also look different based on the game, because there are different types. It can be a single barrel that has different lenghts, or a double barrelled rifle, which can also have a long barrel or a short one.

For the kids that love guns, weapons and rifles and might not ever have the chance to hold one in real life, you will see that the Hunting category will be the perfect place where you can try one out. You will see that the games and challenges that we are going to start to post will get you in different places all around the world, where you can hunt or even just start practice your aim. There will be different games and different types of weapons that you can shoot with during your hunting parties. You will see that even pistols like Glocks or Deagles are used to hunt small animals like squirrels, little birds or even fish in the water if the water is shy. You will see that bigger guns are going to be used when you go hunting in the forrest, where you will need real type riffles like an AVP or more common known as a sniper riffle. With this type of guns, you will go deer hunting, boar hunting or hunting wild animals like lions which you have to keep a great distance while hunting, because they are very dangerous.

All the hunting games from this category will be easy to be played. You will see that there will be some 3D games as well ready for you to play for free, in which you will get in real life scenarios, because these will be 3D simulator games, in which you will be transposed in a simulation that looks very much like real life. There you will be handed a mission, in which you will have to hit different targets or hunt a different amount of animals with a fix number of bullets. That will make the games more difficult, because if you miss, you might not have enough bullets to finish the mission and see how far you could go in the hunting challenge. With each target that you will shoot, you will be rewarded with points. Each hunting game will have a leaderboard, and you can show to all of your friends that you can become one of the best online hunter in the world, by hitting the targets, and see which zones of the animal that you hit will give you guys the highest number of points, and we know for a fact that headshots and shot to the heart will be the highest ones, because you will have to be very accurate with your weapon, and also because it will kill the animal instantly and it will not suffer at all.

The hunting games are not going to be very easy, because you will see that there are going to be plenty of obstacles that you will have to fight against. One of the biggest one while hunting will be the wind. You will have to keep your weapon steady so that your aim is as closest to perfection as possible. It's not going to be easy at all, because you will see that the challenges will be based on accuracy and how many bullets you will use for each target that you have to hunt. Make sure that you will become one of the best hunters on our website, and there will be more exciting new challenges and new adventures for you to play with all of your friends right here on our website. Have fun!

When can we go hunting?

Autumn is the most popular hunting season.

Can we hunt underwater?

Sure, although it's more called fishing.

What can we hunt with?

You will need a weapon. Even if it's a pistol, a shotgun, a riffle or a sniper riffle.

What's the most popular type of hunting?

Duck hunting is very well known all around the world.

Can you hunt wildlife?

Everything that is not domestic is wildlife, but no, hunting lions, rhinos, tigers and other exotic animals is illegal.

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