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This time the category that we wants you to have is with the characters form the disney serie, Jessie, a category in which we promise to offer you all the existing games with Jessie and the other characters of the game.

New Disney stories are always appearing! Today dear children, we are going to present for you the brand new Jessie games category, in which you will meet with new Disney characters that you will end up loving. The Jessie story is a very popular Disney show that you could watch on Disney Junior and Disney Channel over the years. For the first time, the Jessie series appeared in 2011, and this is a comedy television series, which had real actors. The series aired on Disney since 30 September 2011, and the last episode was on TV in October 16, 2015.

The Jessie games and the Jessie series from Disney Channel was so popular because of the story and the plot created by the writers, but a big part of it was because of the actors that were cast in the series. The main characters of this new Disney show are Debby Ryan as Jessie, Peyton List, Cameron Boyce, Karan Brar, Skai Jackson and Kevin Chamberlin. All these characters brought the Jessie series to life, and they became more and more popular with each episode kids saw on Disney. The main story of the show is pretty straightforward, and that why the series had such a big success because the storyline was not hard to follow.

Jessie will be the main character of the story alongside two kids that she is going to take care of as a nanny. She is going to be inside the kids’ house every day of the week and started to be more like family instead of an employee. Jessie is a sixteen-year-old girl that wants to make some extra money to help her family, and she starts to babysit, and with each day passed, the kids and Jessie and the other employees from the house start to become friends and love each other, which will fast transform into a small family.

Jessie in the city

From the first episode of the Jessie show, you will learn more about the characters than in any other, or even the entire series. You will see that Jessie will be the main character of the series, hence the Disney series will have her name. Jessie Prescott is her full name, and she is a cute little girl that rebels against her family that lives in a small town in Texas. Jessie’s dad is a military man, and he is very strict, which Jessie doesn’t really likes, because she dreams to become an actress, and for that she always wanted to live in a big city just like New York City, where she eventually ends up.

Jessie ends up accepting a nanny job so that she can survive in New York City. The family she is going to be a babysitter to is very rich, and she is going to be an in-house nanny, which means that she is going to live in their home. The family owns a penthouse in the Upper West Side in New York City. The parents in the family are Morgan and Christina Ross, which have four children. You will meet with the kids further down the line, and they will not be alone in the family, as they will have a pet!

We already told you that Jessie, the kids and the other staff of the family end up not being simple employees, but end up loving each other and considering each other family while the series ends. Besides Jessie, the family will also have an in-house butler, and his name is going to be Bertram, a lazy and sarcastic older man, which does only his part of the job, and never helps Jessie when she is in need to clean some mess out or take care of the children, considering that’s not his job and that Jessie should figure it out on her own, and sort things out without any kind of help from him. Besides Bertram, there’s going to be a doormen, which is for the entire building, but ends up in the penthouse almost in every episode, and his name is Tony, which is 20 years old, just like Jessie.

Some of the most important characters in this series are going to be of course the four children that Jessie has to take care of. They are different ages, so they will have different perspectives over life, they will have different personalities, and different energy levels, which will be very difficult for Jessie to manage all by herself. Emma is the biggest of the kids, Luke is the middle child, Ravi is almost the same age as Luke, and there’s Zuri, the youngest and the most energetic and full of ideas of all the children that you are going to meet in this new Disney Jessie games here on our website.

Jessie and the kids

Now that you know what’s the main focus of this new Disney story, you will see that once you start to play for free Jessie games, you will see which is your favorite character, which are your favorite episodes and even which are your favorite online Jessie games for kids that you can try out for free. You will see that inside this new Disney category, you dear kids can play amazing challenges, which will be very easy to access. Our Jessie games for girls and boys are going to be free to play online, and due to the HTML5 technology, you will be able to play the Jessie games on your mobile phones, tablets, computers or laptops!

For you to have an even better experience playing these Jessie games online, you will see that we have a short description for each and every one of the Disney characters that you are going to meet with in these new Jessie challenges. You dear kids can read these descriptions, and after that click play on the Jessie games that you see that have the characters that you love inside them. Of course, we are going to start describing the main character for you guys, and see how Jessie can become your favorite Disney character, not only your favorite from this story!

Jessie’s full name is Jessie Prescott. She moved to New York City from a small town in Texas. She has beautiful and curly brown and red hair. Even though she lives in New York all by herself, Jessie is very young, as she just graduated high school, and moved out from her dad’s military base in Fort Hood. Even though there are times in which things are tense between Jessie and the children, the kids love Jessie very much and they make up until the end of the episode when they go to bed, and that’s one of the teachings that Jessie did for the kids, that nobody should go to bed upset.

Emma is one of the Ross kids, and she is the diva of the show. Even though she is still young, she wants to be a real fashionista. Emma has a big personality, very cynical and wants to be in the center of attention. Emma is the oldest, so she thinks that she is in charge, even over Jessie in some moments, but most definitely over her siblings at all times, which Jessie struggles to keep under control in each episode. Even though she is older, Emma spends most of her time with Zuri, her little sister, and like any brother-sister relationship, Emma doesn’t like Luke’s way of being, so they don’t get along that good.

Luke is the second born of the Ross family. He is a normal teenager with teenage kids activities. Luke loves to play video games and would love doing just that all day long, without needing to go to school, take showers, eat or talk to anyone else. Like most boys his age, Luke thinks that he is a ladies boy, and loves to talk to girls, even though Jessie tries to temper his attitude and to teach him that respect will get him further than cheesy lines when he talks to girls.

Ravi is the opposite of Luke when it comes to personality because he is a very kind kid. Ravi lived for ten years in India, and was adopted by the Ross family. Jessie teaches him that he doesn’t need to forget his roots from India, and Ravi tries to teach his siblings about his culture, which at first makes him embarrassed.

Zuri is the youngest of them all, but she is the most opiniated. She is very sassy, very smart and fast on her feet. Just like Ravi, Zuri is adopted by the Ross family. She is originally from Uganda, where she lived for a couple of years before she was adopted, but she doesn’t really remember how it was living in Africa because she was so little. She loves to play with her dolls and stuffed animals, she loves music and to dance to it, and one of her best friend is Emma, who teaches her about fashion and social stuff.

Who is the main character of the story?

Jessie is the main character of the story.

Where can we watch Jessie?

Jessie was aired on Disney Channel.

How many kids is Jessie taking care of?

The Ross family has four children.

Who is the oldest child in the show?

Emma Ross is the oldest.

Who is the youngest child in the show?

Zuri Ross is the youngest.

Are all Ross kids adopted?

No, only Ravi and Zuri are adopted.