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The new category we have for you is with the characters from the new disney movie, Maleficent. In this new category, we have for you a lot of games, new game in which you will have fun with Maleficent, games that we invite you to play.

What are the best Maleficent Games in 2020?

  1. Mal Descendats Dress Up (played: 23992 times)
  2. Villain Gone Good (played: 9616 times)
  3. Fynsy Save Cupid (played: 8733 times)
  4. Fynsy Love Quest (played: 5551 times)
  5. Disney Puzzle (played: 4577 times)
  6. Disney Cards (played: 3841 times)
  7. Maleficent Mother Day (played: 3644 times)
  8. Princess vs Villain Tug of War (played: 3434 times)
  9. Frozen Highschool Mischief (played: 3188 times)
  10. Maleficent Dress Up (played: 2472 times)

What are the best mobile Maleficent Games?

  1. Villains Inspiring Fashion Trends (played: 2269 times)
  2. Maleficent Video Puzzle (played: 1880 times)
  3. Maleficent Cursed Games (played: 1841 times)
  4. Princess VS Villain Faceswap (played: 1678 times)
  5. Maleficent Powers (played: 1642 times)
  6. Maleficent Diaval Dash (played: 1619 times)
  7. Maleficent Differences (played: 1567 times)
  8. Princess April Fools Hair Salon (played: 1306 times)
  9. Villains vs Princesses School Fashion (played: 871 times)
  10. Villains Christmas Party (played: 767 times)

We are very happy to bring you new categorie, categories in which you have the chance to play all your favourite games with your favourite characters. Our administrative team is trying hard to bring you new categorie in the shortest time possible, categories dedicated not only to characters but to different types of games too. We want you to find your favourite games more easily and that is the main reason we create the categorie. The new category we have for you is with the characters from the new disney movie, Maleficent. In this new category, we have for you a lot of games, new game in which you will have fun with Maleficent, games that we invite you to play. First of all, lets talk a little about the story of the movie, and after that you can play the games we have to offer. In the movie we have e two kingdoms one ruled by the ruthless King Henry, while the other one, known as the Moors, is the home of magical creatures and fairies, whom had no ruler due to their intensely close friendship and trust in one another. The movie tells the story of Maleficent, a powerful fairy living in the Moors, a magical realm bordering a human kingdom. One day, the kingdom if Moors was disturbed by the presence of a young boy named Stefan, a boy who tries to steal a jewel from the pool of jewels and gets caugh by the guards. Maleficent shows up and tells him to hand over the stolen jewel, which he does, in the end. After tossing the jewel back from where it came from, Maleficent escorts Stefan to the border of the Moors. They admit to each other that they are both orphans, and meeting each other is forbidden to both their worlds. Aldo it is forbidden for them to meet, they brake this rule, and eventually become the best of friends. On Maleficent's sixteenth birthday, Stefan shows her true love's kiss which in fac was not a true love kiss for him. Over the next couple of years, Stefan stops visiting the Moors. On his deathbed, the King demands to be avenged becaude Maleficent hurt him in a battle. He promises that whoever kills her shall become the new king and marry his beautiful daughter, named Leila. Stefan has become one of the king’s servants and, wanting to claim the throne, he journeys to the Moors to find Maleficent, tricks her into taking a drink that puts her to sleep and after she falls into her slumber, and makes the attempt to kill her. However, he hesitates and cannot kill her, but instead, he burns off her wings using iron which burns fairies and presents them to the dying king, leaving Maleficent in agony. He becomes the king of the palace and has a daughter. When his daughter is born Maleficent curses her to fall into a sleep-like death by pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel on her sixteenth birthday and the only way to lift the curse is with true love’s kiss. As the years pass, Maleficent watches over the young princess, Aurora, and despite her initial hate for the little “Beastie,” as she tells her, she reluctantly takes care of her from afar. By the time Aurora turns fifteen, she finally comes in contact with Maleficent, believing she is her fairy godmother as she recalled being watched over by her all her life. Maleficent allows Aurora to spend more time in the Moors with her and the two eventually develop a mother and daughter-like relationship. When Aurora learns the truth about Maleficent, that she cursed her, she goes back at her father and by accident finds a spinning wheel and pricked her finger in it. Maleficent runs for saving Aurora , but she cannot lift the curse like that, so when she gives up, she kisses Aurora, which in fact brakes the curse. Maleficent gets her wings back from the cage where they were hold, and brings Aurora in her kindgom where she will rule. We invite you to play all the games with Maleficent that we have for you and have fun, here on!