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What are Monster High Games?

Monster High is an entire school with mythical creatures that are very well known in our world, but inside the magical school, zombies, mummies, werewolves or mermaids have adventures, funny challenges and little girly dress-up and makeover games for girls, in which you can choose new types of makeup, new shoes and beautiful clothes for the Monster High characters.

Is is time for a new category of games, as promised and you should know kids that here, on, we are ready with the coolest, most fun and interesting characters because of course that any game and, well, all the games can be more fun when you are playing with friends and you can only find friends here.

We want to offer you as many categories as we can, because if we manage to do that, it means that you will have a lot of games to play with us. Slowly our category family is growing, bringing you as many beautiful and funny games as we can. We are offering games of all types and intend to create a special category for every type of game so that you can find them more easily. The administrative team of has decided to bring you the new category of games dedicated to the characters from Monster High.

Well we really hope that you kids are ready to have the most fun ever because the Monster High games are going to be just perfect, perfect for all of you who, of course, love different types of games because the Monster High category of games, beside the so many characters which are all going to be waiting for you, you also get to play all kind of games that you can dream of, because we of course have girl games, boys games, but any game here is perfect for both girls and boys. We also have fun and adventure games, dress up games, puzzle and memory games and anything you can dream of.

So we are also ready to tell you more about Monster High because when you know the story and when you know more about the characters, we are pretty sure you are also going to be more excited to play all the games which they come with, so come and find out more about them.

So, first of all , even the title of the category tells you something about the story. So Monster High is of course a story about teenagers in a high school, and high school games are always fun, but they are not just any kind of teenagers, any high schoolers, or simple ones as you might think, they are all monsters.

But not the bad kind of monsters and the real adventure begin when Draculaura, who is of course a vampire, daughter of Dracula, a 1600 years of teenager vampire comes to the school and the story begins.

And now we want to tell you all that we can about the many characters you get to play with here on our site in this new Monster High category . So, first of all, Draculaura is of course, as we said, Dracula's daughter and she is one of the orignals monsters. She is 1599 year old when the story begins, but she turns 1600 , like she has her sweet sixteen, only 1600. She is living with her father whom she has learned a lot from, but they are living alone, since they are vampires, and in fact she is the one to come with the idea to open a school for monsters so she could make a lot of friends. She is of course very fun, has a positive outlook on life, she is even vegan and has lots and lots of friends.

Cleo de Nile is another original student at Monster High, she is beautiful , a real fashionista, her boyfriend is Deuce Gorgon, her older sister is Nefera de Nile and her frenemy is Toralei. She is very smart and, as an egyptian royalty monster, she rules over the high school. She is of course the daughter of the mummies and she is 3357 years old, well, something like that, but she is fun and friendly.

Frankie Stein is another of the original monsters, she is just 115 years old, but some parts of her are older than the others, given the fact that she was created in her fathers lab, who is of course Frankenstein. She is very good friends with Draculaura and together they searched for all the monsters in the world who would love to learn together at this special high school. She is very friendly and curious and she loves science classes.

Lagoona Blue is one of the few ghouls, maybe even the only one, who is literally 15 years old. She has come to the Monster High school from the Great Scarrier Reef and even though she is very good at water sports, she is also very good at land sports and she loves this school because she has so many opportunities to learn new skills and to make a lot of friends, even though she is far from home.

Clawdeen Wolf is the last of the Originals, she is the daughter of the Werewolves, we guess that is pretty clear, and she is ready to be the biggest fashionista ever. She is the other one at only 15, but not in human years, or in monster years, but in canine years. She has a really huge family, after all she is a werewolf, but even among them she stands out and she is the biggest dive and fashion designer in the making.

These are the original monsters you get to meet in the Monster High games, but you will also encounter Ghouls such as Abbey Bominable, Amanita Nightshade, Ari Hauntington, Astranove and many others. You of course get to play with mansters such as Clawd Wolf who is of course one of the brothers of Clawdeen wolf, Deuce Gorgon, Gillington Gil Webber, Heath Burns, Holt Hyde, Invisi Billy and many others and also the only Frightmare, well yet, Skyra Bouncegait.

What is Monster High?

Monster High is a school only for monsters, of all ages, because the real age is in the mind, and they are all here to learn. The original monster ghouls are Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Lagoona Blue, Cleo de Nile and Frankie Stein and they are the first ones to think of this school and to try to gather the monsters to attend it.

Are the Monster High students scary?

Oh, they are really scary, but not in the bad way because we can promise you that all of the students, ghouls, mansters, frightmares, they are all simply the best, friendly, smart and interesting, they all have their stories and they are ready to play with you.

How many students are there?

Well, we really can't say for sure because they are so many ghouls and monsters waiting for you here, so all you can do is come and visit our games in the new Monster High category and meet them all.

What kind of games are there?

Well you can really find all kind of games here, dress up games, puzzle games, adventure games, they are all just waiting for you to have fun together.

How can I play these games?

Every game will tell you the instructions, but mainly with the mouse.

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