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What are Nails Games?

The new category is dedicated to nails salon games, manicure a category in which we want to bring you as many games as we can in order to mentain you happy. ou will be surprized by the number of games we can offer with manicure and we invite you to join us and play each game to choose your favourite one in the end.

All the girls want to learn how nails are made, so today we are bringing a new Nails games series, in which you can meet with some of your favorite characters! This new category of Nails games is free to play for all girls all over the world, and all you will need is an internet connection, and start to look for the characters that you love which have a Nails game posted on our website! This is going to be a perfect opportunity for you to practice, and maybe when you grow up, you will be the one working in the nail salon and helping the girls in your city to have beautiful designs on their nails.

Everybody has nails on their hands and feet, but girls of a certain age want them to look even better! For that, nail salons were invented, where girls can go and get their nails done. It's more of a spa day when a girl goes to the nail salon and spends a few hours there until their nails are ready. You will soon learn the process, and how beautiful designs are made, but until then, you can learn which characters you can meet inside these new Nails games and which will be the challenge you are going to have to pass in order for all the girls to have the cutest nails ever.

Being a full-on girls category, the characters that you are going to play the Nails games with are also going to be cute girls and very well-known characters from your favorite stories. One of the most popular girls that you are going to play with is of course the Barbie doll, which is going to prepare you guys with plenty of nail makeover games and even cute little manicure and pedicure challenges which you can try for free right here on our website. Barbie is a cute girl that has plenty of looks, so each look will have to be paired with a manicure and pedicure. This is just one of the girls that are waiting for you to fix their nails! Colors, designs, and patterns will all have to be used so that Barbie's nails and all of her doll friends like the LOL Surprise girls, the My Little Pony girls, Equestria Girls or Hello Kitty, which are some of the most popular ones!

Of course, you will meet with the girls that you love the most not only dolls, and some of the most popular girls that you are going to meet with are the Disney girls! You will see that the Disney princesses are going to need your help to find the cutest nail designs that they can wear. Inside the Nails games, you will see that you are going to meet with Disney princesses from the Frozen story, which is princess Anna and princess Elsa! They will need the cutest designs with snow slakes, and they can be used for both manicures and pedicures for the Frozen princesses. Princess Moana from the story with the same name will always want more exotic designs like leaves and other types of nature-based designs.

Nails, how are they made

The entire process of creating nails is very complex. And playing our Nails games will help you get step-by-step one of the best nail artists in the world. The Nails games are easy to be played because all you are going to need is your MOUSE! If you are playing on your computer and laptop, you will have to use the MOUSE and start to play the games, and learn how to create the best nails. If you are playing on your mobile phone or tablet, you will just have to tap on the screen and use your fingers as your MOUSE. The controls as you see are easy, but the technique will have to be learned.

In the beginning, you dear girls can see that the Nails games will all have little tutorials, which will help you learn how to make different nail shapes, different nail designs, and different nail lengths, which means that you will have different clients with different desires. You will have to work hard and learn how to make all kinds of nails for all the girls, Barbie dolls, and Disney princesses that will come inside your nail salon.

You will see that in each Nails game that you are going to start, you will have to be sure that you can use all the tools. With the MOUSE, you will have to use them and start to prepare the nails for the process. One of the first processes that you will have to do is to make the nails soft. For that, you will need a bowl with warm water, in which you will have to dip your clients' nails in and leave them to soak for a while until they are soft and ready to be handled with. You have already started the process and created amazing nails for the girls on our website.

After having the nails nice and soft, you will have to go to the next step, meaning that you have to cut or trim the nails so that they are the correct length, or choose a different length and shape from the library presented in the game. The next step is of course to choose one of the colors for the design, and after that, the patterns.

It's going to be a lot of fun working in our virtual Nail salons, and you will see that this is going to be possible only through the nails games created for you. The games will have different themes that you will have to respect, and for that, you will have to be very creative, because when it's going to be Christmas, you will have to create Christmas nails, with red, green, Santa Claus shapes and elfs. When it'sValentine'ss Day, you will have to create a lot of heart-shaped nails, and also use a lot of red and flowers. Have fun!

How can we play Nails games online?

The games are played using the MOUSE.

Which are the most popular Nails games?

The Christmas themed nails games are the most popular.

Can we play Nails games for free?

Yes, is free to play and there's a Nails category.

Can we play with our favorite characters?

Yes, plenty of Disney princesses, Barbie or animal characters are inside the nails games.

Are new Nails games appearing in the future?

Yes, the Nails and Spa games are created every day.

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