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What are Paddington Games?

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Animals are loved here on our website, so the little animal categories based on animal lives, stories and awesome cartoons are appearing right here on our website, and you dear kids can see that starting from today, you can find the new Paddington games category, in which you can see amazing adventures and awesome challenges from both Paddington movies that are in cinemas or which you can see online or on TV.

Paddington is a wonderful story which is starting from a long time ago, but in 2014, there was a new movie that appeared in Cinemas with the name of Paddington and since then, there was equal, because children loved the cute little animation that starred a little bear which was lost in London, and was adopted briefly by a cute family, which will also be a major part of the story, as you will see in the following description of the Paddington story.

How Paddington started

As we said before, Paddington is an animated movie created for children all ages. The story of the movie was based on an old english book called Paddington Bear that was very popular all around the world, and so it was time for a film to be created for kids all ages and all around the world. The movie appeared for the first time in England being an english story at it's core, and it was a real succes, since the first movie appeared in 28 November and it was watched in the first week by over 1 million kids in all England.

You can have a great time today here on our website, because dear kids starting from today the new Paddington games category is going live, and you can start to play each and every one of the Paddington puzzles, Paddington adventure games, Paddington girly challenges, Paddington boys games, Paddington memory challenges and a lot of cute little animal animations and videos that you can see only inside the games that we are going to start to post inside this new category.

For you to know better what's going to be instored for you, it's very important for you to know that the main character of this new story that is known world wide is going to be a little bear. Paddington is a bear born in the thick jungles of Peru, but unfortunatelly he got separated from his family which still lives in the jungles of Peru, and he ended up near London. We will tell you more about Paddington's story, but before that, you have to know how he look in order to recognize any poster, any ad or any little online game that you can try here on our website, in which you can meet with your new best friend.

Paddington is a bear, so he will be covered in furr. The animated movie is going to be very realistic, and you will see that once he arives in England,  Paddington is going to look like a normal person, because he is very special, and you will find that detail out very soon. You can see that the little brown bear is going to have a red fishing hat on his head at all times after he leaves Peru, rain boots and a blue raincoat that keeps him warm, and safe from the rain in England.

Learn the Paddington way

At the beginning, we said that Paddington has a very interesting story to tell all the little kids on our website, so this is going to be the central story of this new cartoon, and by the end of the challenges you will manage to gain points and have a great time looking for amazing adventures and unique challenges with animals and humans at the same time.

Paddington was born in a big forrest in Peru, where a very unique species of bears, which you will see inside the cartoon and games that have the ability to speak. One of the biggest photographer from England visited the Peru jungle, and he tries to shoot one of these new species of bears, but he got distracted by another one of the same species, and while playing with the photographer, the bear manages to take away his weapon and even take a scorpion off his jacket, and so saves his life. That was the first interaction that the photographer had with the bears, and he very fast learned that they are very intelligent and that they have the ability to speak, so he started to teach them English.

One of the favorite things for the bears was eating marmalade. The family of bears even got names after the interaction with the photographer, so Lucy and Pastuzo become the first bears in Peru with names, and the hat that we were saying before in the description, was thrown by the photographer to Pastuzo as a reminder that he will always be welcomed in London to visit him and his family.

Inside the story, time passes over Peru and the bears, which lived peacefully inside the forest, and they even have a little nephew who started to live with them, but an earthquake destroyed their home. During the earthquake, the bears sought shelter in different places, but uncle Pastuzo did not made it to safety, and he died after earthquake, and the little bear found his red had the next day and after all of this happened, he went to London and try to find peace again with the photographer's family.

The little bear got his name due to the train station in which he arrived, which was Paddington. He lived with the photographer's family for a while, and they were the Brown's. Paddington thinks that if he finds the person that found his species in the Peru jungle, they can live together in England and he will get protection over all the scientists that are curious how a brown bear could speak English.

This is the way that Paddington's adventure starts, and it's all inside the first Paddington movie. The little English-speaking bear will try to find the explorer through England without getting caught, so you can see that's how his disguise started, and he is dressed like we said above, because he needs to look like a little boy that is walking on the street.

What is Paddington?

Paddington is a train station near London.

How does Paddington look?

Paddington looks like a little brown bear, dressed as a little boy with a hat, a jacket and an umbrella.

How many Paddington movies are there?

In the present, there are 2 Paddington movies.

Who is Paddington?

Paddington is a brown bear from the jungles in Peru.

Why does Paddington have an English accent?

Because an explorer found his bear species and learned them to speak britanic English.

When did the first Paddington movie came out?

The first Paddington movie was released in November 2014.

Where did Paddington live before London?

He lived in the jungles in Peru.

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