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What are Pony Games?

We want to offer you as many games with ponies as there can be found and we invite you to play them and enjoy it.

Our website is the perfect place where you dear children can find games for boys and games for girls in some of your favorite categories, and with your favorite characters! Today, we are welcoming you guys with our brand new Pony games category, in which all the girls, all ages here on our website can find at least one title and challenge that they like. All of our Pony games for girls are free to play, and you will see that they are available even in 2-player mode, so you can invite a friend over, and have a little pony game playing party if you like.

We are sure that you are asking yourselves why look inside the Pony games category from our website, but we assure you girls that you will be able to find some of the most interesting and the cutest games, in which you are going to meet with colorful and cute ponies that need your help. The Pony games in this new category are mostly for girls, and you will see that there are going to be very popular characters like the My Little Pony characters inside this category, prepared for exciting challenges for girls that you can play together.

Miniature horses – ponies

We know that you girls are looking for the cutest games online that you can play for free, so we are going to fill up our new Pony games category, so that you can find at least one game that you would like to play over and over again. Our Pony games came in hot, and you will see that there are more than two hundred girly Pony games waiting for you here on our website. Each and every one of these pony challenges are going to be free to play, and you will be able to play them on your computers, laptops, phones or tablets if you have an internet connection.

For the girls on our website that did not see a pony before, our Pony games category is going to be the perfect place to start, because dear kids you will see that we will have all kinds of ponies to show you. Ponies can look very different from one and another, which you will best see through our girl Pony games, in which you might meet with the My Little Pony characters or other ponies, and you will see that they can differ in shape, color and of course personality. Essentially ponies are like miniature horses, they will look more or less the same, the only difference between the two species, is that ponies are more than half the size of a horse.

You will see that just like horses, a pony will have four legs on which they can run pretty fast even though they are a lot smaller than a horse. There are two types of hair that ponies can have! You will be able to see even through our pony games that they can have short hair like horses, but there’s also a special breed of ponies, which has longer hair all over their body, besides their tails, which will always have long hair by default, just like their ridge. Real life ponies might look different due to their natural color, which can very between, white, brown, red-ish, black and silver, but you will see throughout the pony games, that ponies from stories or other games, movies and series might have wild colors like yellow, blue, green or purple, which will make your pony look unique.

You can expect a lot of different types of new pony games here on our website, and you will see that we are bringing for you these games for girls specially for you to play with all of your friends! All you have to do is to follow us and start to look for you favorite type of challenge, because our pony games are going to be free to play online with all of your friends.

Ponies and more

All the girls that are going to visit our category can find at least one type of Pony games that you can try our on your phones, computers, tablets and laptops. The most popular pony games that you can find are of course going to be the My Little Pony games, which are different and cool to play, because you are going to meet with your favorite characters from the My Little Pony characters, which are going to bring for you some of the cutest dress-up, makeover, makeup and even spa challenges that you can play with your favorite characters, and why not, maybe even with the Equestria Girls. The My little Pony challenges will be clear, and you will see that there are going to be even adventure challenges and some Lego My Little Pony games that you can try out, in which you are going to use different controls. For the adventure games, you will see that you have to use the A, S, W, D keys or the ARROW keys from this new challenge in order to defeat the levels and have the highest score of the game.

Some of the most popular pony games from our website are of course going to be the dress-up ones, in which you will see that there are going to be special and cute characters, which can be even unicorns, not only ponies! You will see that the dress-up games with ponies are going to have different levels, in which you can go shopping so that the pony characters can have a full wardrobe makeover, which will make the cute ponies look amazing. Besides the dress-up games, you will see how makeovers for ponies are done, and you will have to find our new colors for the ponies, new hairstyles and hair colors, new makeup and even accessories that you can pick from when you are in the store, shopping.

The spa games are going to be amazing, because dear kids you will see that the Pony characters are ready to relax! Using the MOUSE, you will have to click the play button to enter the first step of the spa! You will get in the spa, where you will first have to help the pony shower. It’s very important to be clean at the beginning, and after that, you will see that we are going to prepare plenty of cremes and treatments that you can apply on their hair and skin so that the relaxing can start. Massages and pony facial treatments are also going to be available in this challenge, and you will see how many other cute little Pony games for children are ready for you to try. Have fun!

How do ponies look?

Ponies are essentially little horses.

Which are the most popular pony characters in the world?

Without a doubt, the My Little Pony characters are the most popular ponies.

Are all ponies black?

No, ponies can be like normal horses different colors.

Are ponies the same as unicorns?

No, unicorns have a corn in the middle of their forhead.

Are ponies magical?

No, ponies are real creatures, and can be found at the circus and at farms.

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