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This time the new category that we have for you is dedicated to the characters from the serie known as Skylanders.

We are very happy to see you again on our website. Today we have prepared for you another new number of new and fun categories and we hope that you will have a lot of fun playing them. Our administrative team has decided that now is the best time to offer you all this new categories that we have in mind for you. We try every day to put up a list with new categories to offer to you and we always managed to surprise you with the new games from them. Well today will be one of those fun days in which you will get to know new and fun characters and play new games with them. We love to see you while playing our new games you make friends with the characters from your favorite serie and we are sure that you will have a lot of fun. This time the new category that we have for you is dedicated to the characters from the serie known as Skylanders. Here we will love to bring you all the details about the characters from this serie and along with these details all the exsiting games with them. Actually for those of you who do not know, Skylanders is a serie of video games set in world of Skylands, a world with a lot of powerfull magic, dark and white magic, were you can even see floating islands. The main characters of this games serie are a band of heroes who use their powers and machineries created by them to defend their realm for different threats , villains that seek to get all the power from the realm and use it to dark purpuses. They do not work alone, as Portal Masters is beside them, the one who seeks to mentain peace and balance in to the world in which they live, protecting the Core of light and fighting agains all the forces of evil. The Portal Master is not a divinity and the Skylanders are not his servants, but they choose to serve him and fight along with him against all evil. Each one of the skylanders has one of the ten elements from their world, from Skylands, elements such as Eart, Air, Water, Fire, Tech, Undead , Light or Dark. Here in this new and amazing online category that we have decided to offer to you, we will make sure to offer you as many new and fun games with your friends from skylanders as possible. We are sure that you will have a lot of fun while playing these fun games. You will be able to find here games of all types, such as adventure games, action ones, or even observational and educational games. is certain that you will have great time with the Skylanders and for those who do not know them yet , will get to by playing their games. Enjoy spending the time here on, the website were all the fun starts with you on our website!

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