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Slugterra is a place filled with slugs monsters! The slugs will have awesome adventures ready, and they will want to be kept safe by the Slugterra warriors, which you, guys, will be part of when you play the free challenges in this category named Slugterra games online.

It's time for an update in our category list, and the Slugterra games category is about to appear here on our website, and you, dear kids, will see that this is going to be a new category for boys, in which you will have to be sure that you can meet with each and every one of the Slugterra characters, help them defeat their missions and start to become a brand new superhero here on our website. This new category is created by the Disney XD Canada studios, and it first appeared in 2012 in the United States on September 3, and you will soon learn that all the boys from our website will manage to watch the series even on Netflix and other types of streaming platforms, and you can tell us further if you have a favorite episode from the Slugterra show.

This show is very exciting because, dear kids, you will see how much fun you can have because it's going to be a new high-tech and very sci-fi world, the world of Slugterra, which is going to be a secret world that exists in the underground of the planet (and also in Slugterra games). The world of Slugterra and the people who live in this world are called slugs. The entire world of the slugs is kept safe by the Shane family, one of the oldest families and some of the first people who ended up in Slugterra, and the family are the heroes who are keeping the underground world safe for all the slugs, and keep it safe for the future years. You will see that this world is kept secret for a reason by the Shane family.

The entire world of Slugterra games online is going to be very technologized, and even the Shane family will show you that, through their equipment, they keep the world a secret. You will see that the weapons are not going to be ordinary pistols or guns, but different types of laser beams and high-end tech which will help the characters fight different kinds of enemies that want to take over the world of Slugterra. You will start to learn more and more things about the little characters, which are little creatures that look like little slugs or snails, but which have different attributes like fire, ice, water, Earth, or wind, which will help them be more powerful and which will make them look in different ways, even in Slugterra games.

It's going to be a lot of fun playing with the Slugterra characters because, dear kids, you will see how many adventures and how many ability challenges will be ready for you, guys, to try until the end of the challenge. It's not going to be easy at all, because, dear kids, you will have to make sure that you can help the Shane family keep Slugterra safe and secret for many years to come. Robots, machines, fast motorcycles, helicopters, and spaceships will all be part of this new category for boys, and we are sure that you will have a great time and that you can earn a lot of points playing with all of your friends! You will see that the Slugterra games for kids here on our website are going to be available for free even on your mobile phones and tablets, not only on your computers and laptops.

The Earth and Slugterra

As we already said, the Slugterra world is secret. It's going to be under the surface of the Earth, and the Shane family is fighting hard to keep it safe from all the dangers and all the villains that are trying to keep the slugs of Slugterra captive and do all kinds of tests or even hurt them. What we don't know is who are the ones which are trying to get inside Slugterra, so you will learn that in the following rows, and you will even find out which are the ways that the Shane family is protecting the complex, in the series and in Slugterra games online. You’ll also find out which are the tools that they are using, which are the types of weapons, and even which are the traps that they are setting and in which the villains are falling in each episode.

One of the first villains inside the Slugterra show & Slugterra games is going to be Dr. Thaddeus Blakk. He is very evil, and he wants to transform the Slugs into real weapons which he wants to call "ghouls", because they will not be able to have their own minds, and they will be used to attack different parts of the world because they have special powers. Therefore, Dr. Thaddeus Blakk will manage to control any part of the world that he wants, and so the slugs will get out of Slugterra, and that will make Slugterra almost disappear. We are sure that you can have a great time playing with all of your friends because, dear children, you can see how much fun you can have helping the Shane family protect Slugterra and help it survive under all the attacks from all the villains in the world.

You will see very quickly that one of the main characters in the Slugterra games & series is not going to be an actual slug, because, dear kids, he’s going to be a teenage boy, called Eli. He is part of the Shane family, and shortly after the show starts, Eli is going to be named one of the new guardians of Slugterra, and now his job is to help the Slugs survive, keep Slugterra safe and hidden from the world, and, in the meantime, to stop the evil Dr. Blakk from capturing the slugs. It's going to be a hard job for a teenage boy, but you will see that Eli is very driven to keep the slugs alive and safe from all dangers, and so the Slugterra episodes will be very exciting for any boy who loves fighting, weapons, and lasers.

This is just a short caption of what's going to happen inside the Slugterra show on Disney XD and here in our Slugterra games online category, but we still have a little surprise left to show you, guys! It's time for you to play amazing little adventure games with the Slugterra characters, and have the best of times, as you will have to learn their names, so you can know them better, which will help you have more and more fun together with them. Will Shane is one of the characters that you will meet at the beginning of the show, and he is Eli's father, and you will soon learn that he is going to go missing and that will make Eli the new protector of Slugterra. Kord Zane is a cave troll, a mechanic who fixes all the tools. Pronto Geronimole is a tracker and a true adventurer, and he is going to be one of the slug leaders because he is very brave.

Trixie Sting is one of the humans of the show, she will be part of the Shane family and is one of the biggest Slug experts on the show. She loves to make vlogs, and one of her biggest dreams in the world is to create the very first slug documentary, but we all know that shouldn't be possible and will not be very popular, because the existence of the slugs is secret. Junjie is one of the heroes of the show, because is a master in Slug Fu, and that will help him control the fire slugs in Slugterra games & series using just his mind! You already know the villains that you have to fight against, and we are sure that, once you start playing the Slugterra games from our website, you will manage to start gaining a lot of points and become one of the best Slugterra players out there. Have fun!

Who is the main character of the story?

Eli Shane is one of the main characters, along with the Slugs.

What is Slugterra?

Slugterra is a secret world under the face of the Earth, where the slugs live.

What keeps Slugterra secret?

The Shane family are the protectors of Slugterra, and they keep it safe and secret.

What are the slugs?

Slugs are little monsters with different abilities that live in Slugterra.

Is Slugterra cancelled?

Season 4 of the show was canceled.

Will Slugterra ever be picked up again?

A new Slugterra movie is about to come out soon!