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The famous story of the Squid Game starring on the Netflix platform is bringing for you kids plenty of puzzle games, ability challenges and adventure games while you are running from singing dolls, fighting against your enemies and even dodge shooting bullets from the game masters inside the Squid Game.

It's time for a new story here on our website, and of course in 2022, everybody talks about the Squid Game show that you might have seen already. This is a new series streamed on the Netflix platform, and which had amazing audience in the first 24h since it was aired, and was in trending for at least 3 weeks after that, so because it is so popular even today, all the kids on our website want to play the Squid Game challenges online!

We are bringing for you the brand new Squid Game games category in which dear kids you can see how many interesting challenges that you can see inside the series, will be displayed in the most interesting puzzle games, ability games, speed games and agility games in which you have to win in order to go to the next level, and be sure that you have a chance to even finish the game.

What is the Squid Game

For all the people that might have not seen the show until now, we are ready to tell you everything that is happening inside the Netflix series, so that you can start playing the Squid Game challenges with some background, and that will make them easier to finish with the highest score, and see how the games and the show are tightly corelated together.

This is a Sout Korean story, based on the lives of different citizens of a big city in South Koreea and was create by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The series is a survival drama, in which several people, to be more accurate, 456 people which have very big propblems with money are going to have a helping hand from different misteryous people that play different type of child games with them, and the winner will manage to take a large amount of money, and after they manage to win, it can be noticed that they will be handed a special card with three symbols on it, which will be their contact with the game master.

The symbols displayed on the card are going to be a Circle, a Triangle and a Square. These are going to be the main symbols of the Squid Game, and more like a logo or icon for you to better see the related content all around the internet and inside the series as well. It's very important for you to know that the series is going to happen in South Korea, the actors will be Korean and the language of the series will also be Korean, so plenty of the games might have the same attributes, but if you watched the series or read this description, there are not going to be any surprises for any of the players on our website.

As we said, the players inside the Squid Game will have big problems with money. Each and every one of the 456 people inside the game are going to have huge debts to different banks in the city. The smallest debt, will be around 300 milion of the national coin of South Korea, and the amount will just go higher for each and every one of the players. For that, they saw an opportunity to go inside the Squid Game blindly, and see how much money they can get if they win the game, but they didn't know anything else besides that they played a game on the street and when they won, they got a lot of money as a prize.

The entire show is going to rely on only one thing! A children's game from South Korea, called like the show, Squid Game. This game is like a maze, and the players have to go round and round like in baseball, to the top of the maze and make sure that they can be faster than the defenders of the maze, and see how they can beat their speed to the top of the maze, and make sure that they win the challenge. The person that don't get to the top of the Squid Game, was declared dead in the child's game, and you can see that there's going to be a twist in the adult game because of that.

Inside the Squid Game

The story continues once the players win the incognito game play on the street, and once they reached out to the number on the invitation cards, the starting process is to gather all the players. There are a few main characters inside the story, on which the story relies on to win each round of each game, and for that there are going to be different tensions and even scandals between the players.

The first level of the Squid Game is going to start one day after the players are gathered. It's going to be a big surprise, because none of the players know which will be about to happen, and you can see that they will be stunned when they realised that the game is going to be a children's game that they all used to play when they were little. All the levels inside the Squid Game are going to be little kids games from South Korea, but the players figured it out with delay, but when they did noticed the pattern, they started to try and anticipate which will be the next game that they are going to play, and start to make different strategies among each other in order for them to win, and continue to play.

The first thing that scared the players is going to be the fact that when they are eliminated from the game, the players will be killed on the spot by the game masters which will have different roles. The roles of the game masters will be based on the symbols from their masks. The circle, the square and the triangle from the invitation card will also be displayed on the game masters face masks, and they will represent the levels of their authority and their implication inside the games.

The first game is a runnig game, in which there's going to be a doll that is going to be facing the wall and will sing during the entire game. While the doll is singing and facing the wall, the players can progress and can move on the ground, but when it stops singing and facing them, none of the players can move a muscle in order to be able to continue. For the game to be even more difficult, you dear kids will see that the players will have a specified amount of time in which they can reach the finish line, which will be at the base of the singing doll. It's very important to follow the rules correctly, because you can see that the players that don't respect the rules are going to get killed.

Now that you know the first game inside the Squid Game, it's going to be a lot of fun to discover with us which are the next games and challenges that you are going to see inside this new category. The story is going to bring for you guys a lot of surprises and interesting things like new games, new stories, and new characters that we are sure that you love from the show. Each episode is going to have a name, and they are mostly named based on the game that is going to be played inside the level, so you can find the: Red Light, Green Light episode which is the first game with the singing doll, the Hell episode, in which the players cancelled the game and they returned to their old lives. The Man with Umbrella in which a police officer manages to go inside the Squid Game even though he shouldn't be there. Stick to the Team, which is going to be a level with the popular thug of war game that has to be won in order to survive. A fair World, Gganbu, VIPS, Front Man and One Lucky Day which will culminate with the actual Squid Game that has to have a survivor in order for the games to be won by anyone and win the big prize.

These are all the main details that you have to know about the Squid Game story on Netflix before you start to play our Games relying on this story, and you will see that we have prepared for you plenty of puzzle challenges, in which you have to be very fast and make sure that you solve the puzzles before the time expires, ability games, in which you will have to crack candy like in the show, and plenty of other exciting new challenges from plenty of other categories that we have prepared for you. Have fun!

What is the Squid Game?

The squid game is a maze running adventure, in which the players have do beat the maze defenders and reach the top of the maze

Where can we watch the Squid Game series?

This new series is owned by Netflix.

How many players are inside the Squid Game?

At the beginning, there are 456 players inside the Squid Game.

How can you win the game?

Winning the Squid Game, you will have to win all the other levels by surviving and winning the rounds.

Which is the last level in the Squid Game series?

The final game is the actual Squid Game.

What's the base of this new series?

The entire plot relies on South Korean children's games played by adults.

What happens if you don't win one of the games?

If a players loses or does not respect the rules of the game, they will be killed.

What's the prize if you win the game?

The prize of the Squid Game is that you survive, and also a very big chunk of money.

Where can we play Squid Game levels and challenges?

The Squid Game adventures can be played here even on your computers, laptops, mobile phones or tablets.