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This time the new category that we have for you next is dedicated to the characters from the animated series that go by the name of Super 4.

What are Super 4 Games?

What do you say about this new category? Next our administrative team has for you a new and fun online category, a category in which we bring you new and fun online games with some of the most loved characters. Our administrative team of is more than happy when it has to offer online categories, because that means that we have even more new games and all are for you. This time the new category that we have for you next is dedicated to the characters from the animated series that go by the name of Super 4. We have decided that today is the perfect day to bring you this new categories, so we would love you to take a look at them and play the games they have to offer. Before you can even start playing the games we recommend you to read a few of the details that we have found and we would like to share with you about the characters of this amazing and fun series with superheroes. The series has as main characters a band of four superheroes, who’s mission is to protect the people of worlds of Kingsland, Enchanted Island and City of Technopolis against each evil that threats them. The characters are playmobil toys and even the world are all form playmobile, world of all types of people, such as pirates, fairies, medival knights, scientist, dinosaurs, aliens and many other. The heroes make a team to fight against the evil and travel through worlds using their shape-shifting vehicle, named the Cameleon. We would like you to know a few details about each one of the superheroes so we start with Ruby Red, a pirate girls who comes from Gunpowder Island, a brave and fierce pirate girl, which often gets in trouble because of the temper. She is willing to do anything for her friends, and she can be very cunning, just like any other pirate, being able to trick other pirates and also villains. Alex is the prince of Kingsland, a adventure lover, always looking for new missions and adventures to go in. He is just as a knight with moral compass and a code of honour that he keeps. Twinkle is a troubled fairy who was banished from the land because she turned by mistake her fairty Queen into a frog and has a difficult time trying to get back. She messes up spells a lot and for that she is infamouse. Although she has a heard time being a fairy, she does everything she can to practice and become better and better as a fairy. Gene is the last member of the team that we would like to talk about, an adventurer who wield the power of logic, always believing to be right, living in the world of Technopolis and also being the inventoer of the Chameleon. Ae you ready to know each one of these characters better? Than join us here on!

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