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What are Talking Friends Games?

In this series of app there are six characters Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Ginger, Talking Ben, Talking Pierre, and, Talking Santa, Talking Gina and son on, having a total of 14 apps with them at this time. Talking Tom is the lead character in the Talking Tom and Friends franchise Tom is a wisecracking, adventure-seeking anthropomorphic feline, described as the world’s most popular cat.

Here on our website, we always love to play with animals, and today dear kids, we are bringing a brand new category! This is a new Talking Friends games category in which we are sure that you will have a great time because this is a new series of games filled with little animals. Talking Friends games is one of the cutest series and categories, in which the main character is a cat! Talking Tom is the main character of this new category, and one of the most popular characters in the series.

If you don't yet know who is Talking Tom, you can learn by reading this description below, and you can play new online Talking Friends games for you to play with all of your friends, and most of them can be played on your mobile phones and tablets for free! Talking Tom started at the beginning as its own game, and you might know it as the Talking Tom app on your phone. Tom is a cute character, and he is going to appear on your screen, he will be a grey kitten, with white stripes and a pink nose.

The very first time when you met with Talking Tom through his app was something revolutionary, and unseen before. Tom had a voice recognition app, in which you could have talked to Tom, and he would have repeated what you told him, but in a funny cat-like voice. The app had different other features because as much time you would spend inside the app, you would unlock more features, have more points to use inside the app, and even customize Talking Tom as much as you want. Soon enough, the Talking Tom app was one of the most famous and popular out there, and all the kids and even grownups were playing with Tom on the daily basis.

The Talking Friends games are mostly based on the app, and you will see that besides Tom, there will be plenty of other animal characters are going to start and appear in each and every one of the Talking Friends games that Tom is going to bring for you animal lovers out there. One of the most popular characters besides Tom is of course going to be his girlfriend, Angela, or Talking Angela.

The beginning

Being the first Talking Tom games character, Tom is one of the most popular kittens in the world right now. The Talking Tom app was a huge success, and one of the things that shows that is that we have for you boys and girls more than 300 Talking Friends games, in which Tom and Angela are the main characters. You can see that both characters will prepare for you plenty of cute little challenges, in which you will be playing with your MOUSE as the main control. You dear kids will see that the boy's games will be very exciting because there are going to be 3D adventure games, like the Tom Run game, in which dear kids you will see that there's going to be a 3D Talking Tom character as the avatar, and you will have to control him using the A, S, W, D keys on the keyboard or the ARROW keys, in order for you to control the 3D avatar.

Your main goal is to run with 3D Tom all around the platform and make sure that you are able to defeat the challenges, which is to collect as many coins as possible. In your path, there are going to be plenty of 3D obstacles and objects that you will have to avoid by going left, right, or just jumping over them if it's possible. Collect the coins and the bonus tokens, and if you manage to keep 3D Tom alive and uncaptured for as long as possible, you will manage to set up a new record in this new 3D adventure game for boys. Another 3D running game in this category is going to be the Talking Tom Gold Run challenge.

Talking Tom is going to also present you guys with plenty of cars, motorcycles games, biking games, and even train games, in which he is going to be the conductor, and you will have to help him drive the train and see if he can become a real racing pilot after each cars racing game. These are some of the boys' games with Talking Friends that are going to wait for you guys right here on our website, and we are sure that you will love them, and play them even on your mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Girls in Talking Friends

Not only the boys can have fun playing our Talking Friends games, and you dear kids can see that there are plenty of girly challenges and Talking Friends girls games that you can try for free. There are plenty of Makeover games, dress-up games, spa games, and even baby games for girls that you can play inside this new category. If you do not want to play with Talking Tom, we assure you that cute girl cats are waiting for you to play with. One of them is going to be of course Talking Angela, and you will have to make sure that you can help her finish each challenge.

Some of the most popular Talking Angela games are the spa challenges, in which you can see that Talking Angela wants to relax for an entire day, and she needs your help for that. Inside the spa game, once you press play, you will be the one who works at the spa, and each level will be a different room where Talking Angela will have a new spa treatment, and a new opportunity to relax. You will take care of her skin with special facial skin treatments, you will give her a back rub, a bath and at the end, you will even give her hair treatments so that she can have not only soft skin but soft hair as well.

Thre are also going to be plenty of dress-up games and makeover games, in which all the Talking Friends characters from Tom, Angela, Ginger or Ben will be one of the avatars, and you will have to help them to get ready for different events. Each of these girl games will have a different theme or rules, and you have to adapt, be creative and see how you can create new outfits for each event, fashion style and even holiday like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or Valentines! New clothes, new makeup, new hairstyles, new nails and new accessories with boots included will be needed for the Talking Friends characters. Have fun!

Who are the Talking Friends?

Tom, Angela, Ginger and Ben!

Which animal is the most popular?

Talking Tom, a grey cat is the most popular.

Is Talking Tom a game?

Yes, Talking Tom is an app that you can download on your phones and tablets.

Is Talking Friends cancelled?

Yes, there's no new series of the Talking Friends appearing since 2012.

Is Talking Friends Disney?

Yes, the Talking Friends are created by Disney Studios.

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