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There are regular games & then there are Ultimate Spiderman games online! Play with your friends on your PC/laptop Ultimate Spiderman is a Marvel story based on comic books that turned into adventure-filled cartoons and movies! Spiderman turned from a dork teenage boy to a real Marvel superhero that takes on villains that want to destroy New York City.

What are Ultimate Spiderman Games?

Boys are always ready to play with superheroes, and today dear kids we are bringing for you the brand new Ultimate Spiderman games category, in which you will have a great time playing with all of your friends, and you will see how much fun you can have playing with one of your favorites superheroes! Spiderman is an American comic book created by Marvel Comics, which makes it even more popular by default, being one of the biggest comic book creators in the world. Stan Lee is the biggest producer of comic books in the world, and he had the Marvel franchise and created more than forty comic books that children all over the world and not only children!

The Spider-Man comics first appeared in 1962 and had multiple series of the comic, but the series became more and more popular since Marvel started making cartoon series, and Spiderman was one of the first series that appeared, and after that, the Ultimate-Spiderman movies started to appear and made the series and the story even more popular. Since the first Ultimate-Spiderman appearance, the Marvel superhero is going to appear even in other series from Marvel, like the Avengers. Because it's such a big deal, you will be able to find Spiderman in plenty of movies, series, cartoons, comic books, and video games, and from now on, in our Spiderman games!

Are you ready to get more insights about the Ultimate Spiderman games?! All the details of these series will be laid down for you guys, and you can have a lot of fun playing with the Ultimate Spiderman games, looking at the movies, reading the comic books, and seeing which will be your favorite series! It's a lot of fun playing with your friends, and Spiderman can become one of them knowing the main character and see which is the best part of this category, and you will see that the main character can have two names! Spiderman or Ultimate Spiderman is the superhero name of the main character, and the human name is going to be Peter Parker! You must have heard this name already at least once in your life, and starting today, you and Peter Parker can work together and become better superheroes.

Here on our website, you will see that the Ultimate Spiderman games will be ready for you to play for free no matter the type of game that you are looking for because this new category will have more than fifty games that you can try out! These games will not all be for boys, so the girls from our website can also play cute little girly Spiderman games for free. These new games will be very popular and will have a lot of hits because they will be available for you to try even on your mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Life of a Spiderman

Do you know what Peter Parker and Spiderman have in common? The online Ultimate Spiderman games that you can play for free are here on our website! You will soon learn what made Peter Parker from an ordinary high school boy into a real Marvel superhero, so stay tuned. Peter Parker is an ordinary teenage boy that has some problems in school because he is being bullied. Peter is very smart, loves science, and has a dorky look which didn't help his cause, but everything is going to change one day when during a field trip to Oscorp, a big science company Peter suffered a little radioactive accident that he didn't realize at first, and which he didn't know that it will change his life.

Peter has a best friend in school, called Harry Osborn. Harry's father owns Oscorp, and during the field trip, a radioactive spider inside the Oscorp lab escaped from its cage and bit Peter. That bite will be the beginning of Spiderman's existence. Peter didn't realize that he got bit by a powerful spider immediately, he went home and slept the entire day, but when he woke up, he realized different things had to be changed. He normally needed glasses to see properly, but after the radioactive spider bite, Peter sees perfectly even without the glasses. Peter realizes that he now has muscles, which he didn't have when he fell asleep after the field trip. Peter lives with his aunt May and his uncle Ben. When he finally went out of his room, Peter finds out that he actually slept for three days.

Peter returns to school while trying to adapt and learn all about his new powers. Now, Peter turns slowly into Spiderman, and figures out that he can climb walls just like a spider, can throw spider webs from his wrist, and that his hands are a lot stickier, and one of the coolest features of his powers, his spider senses, with the help of which he can tell if there's some immediate danger. On his first day as Spiderman, even though he was in school, Peter stands up to his bully, jock Flash, the captain of the football team in school. This was the first time that Peter had the courage and the strength to take down Flash, and the entire school was witness to it.

Being from a poor family, Peter always tries to hold down a job, with his schedule is hard to keep up with, so he gets fired every time. Now that he is Superman, Peter uses his new powers to go and fight in illegal underground fights to earn cash and help his aunt May and uncle Ben. Uncle Ben figures out what Peter is doing, and tries to make him quit or just to make him be more careful, and on the same night, Peter lets a villain escape while he was stealing money from the illegal fights vault, and while waiting to pick up Peter, uncle Ben is killed by the same burglar, which makes Peter very angry, and which makes the change in his personality to really create Spiderman in the superhero that he is today. Peter looks for the burglar all night long, fights with him when he caught up with him, and ended up killing him, which he knew that will disappoint his uncle, but he was sad and angry so he couldn't stop.

This is the beginning of Spiderman as a superhero, because, after that night, Peter started listening to the Police radio, and try to help the police officers find the criminals faster, and stop them if they are trying to escape the pursuit. Spiderman starts to become more and more popular in New York City, and there's a journalist that wants to unmask him since day 1. Ironic that Peter starts to become Spiderman's main photographer and he sells the pictures to the same journalist called Jonah Jameson who owns and is chief editor of the Daily Bugle. Jonah Jameson will be Spiderman's #1 contestor throughout the Ultimate Spiderman series and considers him a menace to the city, such as the villains he is stopping.

Friends, villains, and missions

Now that you know the uprising of the Ultimate Spiderman games and how Peter Parker became a superhero overnight, you will learn more about the characters which will mostly be Peter's friends from school, which will be his enemies, and which will be the missions that he has to finish in order to keep New York City safe. One of the biggest characters inside the Ultimate Spiderman games besides Peter or Spiderman will be, of course, Mary Jane Watson. She is the female protagonist of the series, and Peter loves her since kindergarten. She is also Peter's neighbor at the beginning of the story, his colleague in school, and one of his friends, but she does not know that Peter loves her.

Another one of Peter's friends is Harry Osborn, which will have different plots through comic books, series, cartoons, or movies based on the Ultimate Spiderman games. You will see that Harry starts as the kid of millionaire Norman Osborn, which is a brilliant scientist, and he is the one who created the Green Goblin, one of Spiderman's first villains. Normal created the Green Goblin and started being him, and Peter ends up killing him, and that will tear up his friendship with Harry, him being witness to the killing of the Goblin. Harry figures out fast that Spiderman is actually Peter, and does not want to be friends anymore.

Throughout the Ultimate Spiderman games, you will see that Peter Parker is going to fight against plenty of monsters, aliens, and villains that try to defeat him and take over the city of New York. One of the longest enemies of Peter Parker is going to be of course, Wilson Fisk. He is a mogul of the city, and he tries to organize crime all over the city and ends up controlling it entirely. Wilson Fisk is called the king pin, and he is also going to help several villains and create monsters to send and defeat Spiderman. One of them is the Octopus, a brilliant professor from the University, that also knows Peter from school, who turned himself into a living octopus. He is called Otto Octavius, and he planted himself with a chip that allows him to control four bionic arms which will make him more powerful than you would think.

Does Peter love Mary Jane?

Yes, Peter loves Mary Jane Watson since kindergarten.

Do Peter and Mary Jane end up together?

Yes, they form a couple in one of the Marvel movies and Marvel cartoon series.

Who is Peter's best friend?

Harry Osborn.

Who is the Green Goblin?

Normal Osborn turns into the Green Goblin, and after his death, Harry.

Is Spiderman one of the Avengers?

Yes, in 2020 Spiderman joins the Avengers.

Is Spiderman on Netflix?

Yes, several Spiderman movies are available on Netflix.

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