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Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion are finally here! They are both coming with a new suite of adventures, quizes, puzzles and even dress-up challenges for girls to solve!

Once again, dear kids, we are ready with a new category of games for you, a category of games in which once again you get to play with the coolest characters and this Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion is definitely a category in which superheroes, villains and normal people, friends and enemies, you can meet them all and see their stories, and here on our site you can play with them all in all of their advntures and that definitely makes things more interesting.

So we are always excited to offer you the chance to play with new characters and their new stories, this Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion is definitely a category filled with games which are following their amazing adventures and you definitely can't miss that out.

We are happy to once again give you the opportunity to make new friends, Ultra Violet is one of the main characters of the cartoons and, therefore, also of the games which you have the chance to play here and we are going to tell you all about her so you could know her better and, of course, if you are closer and better friends, you can also have more fun together. The other main character of the series, the cartoons and also of the games is her uncle, Black Scorpion, but they don't actually know about the fact that they are related in the beginning of their adventures so you can also learn about that throughout their adventures, so a lot of surprises are coming your way in the Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion category.

Main Story

First of all, you should know the main story and if this is not the first time you hear about Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion, then maybe you already know about them, but we feel that each of you that come and visit this Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion category should know about the main story because this way you can even have more fun, if you know the characters, their background and their goals and so on.

So the cartoon series start and are mainly about a 13-year-old girl, Violet Rodriguez, who is constantly overshadowed and she is in a constant conflict, well brotherly conflict, with her brother, Santiago Rodriguez. So her life is really normal and ordinary and it is centred around her family and friends, until one day, when she is chosen by a magical Luchador mask to be its wearer. When she puts it on, Violet becomes a superhero that possesses super-speed which in the beginning scares her, after all it is a little bit overwhelming, but she soon learns how to master this and she becomes the coolest 13 year old superhero. In need of a friend and a companion, after all she is just a child and she doesn't really know what she is doing , she trails the Luchador superhero Black Scorpion who she was always a fan of, and discovers that he is Violet's uncle, Cruz. Once this secret is out, which actually makes them really happy, after all they are family, Cruz agrees to train Violet and have her follow in his footsteps and this is how their adventure begin.

Characters of the story

Well we have already told you about Violet Rodriguez or Ultra Violet as her superhero name, a 13-year-old girl who gets chosen by a magical Luchador mask that transforms her into a superhero with super-speed and that is the main storyline, she is the one we can follow through her adventures.

Cruz De la Vega, or Black Scorpion as his luchador name, is Violet's uncle and superhero mentor who owns a wrestling gym and fights crime in secret, after all he is also a superhero, but he doesn't have the same powers as Violet and that makes them even more interesting. Black Scorpion, or Cruz has super strength and the ability to teleport through shadows.

Nina Rodriguez is actually Violet's mother, she is of course a very important character in her daughter's life. We can also find out about her that she is the principal of the Dolores Huerta Middle School.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez is Violet's father, also a very important member of her family and you can always learn more about her family when you actually play the games, well of course beside the times when you can follow the cartoons. You can also find out from the cartoons that he is a big lucha libre fan.

Santiago "Tiago" Rodriguez is Violet's brother, they love each other as brother and sister, but it is not always the easiest relationship, he is the older brother and he is very smart and gifted so for Violet is very difficult to follow in his footsteps.

Maya Miller-Martinez is Violet's best friend, of course everybody needs best friends on this world, and Maya is actually one of the first people that Violet tells about the mask and her super powers and her friend is really supportive all the time.

Luis León is one of Violet's school mates, they are not best of friends because he can be mean, very strict when it comes to rules, following the rules of the school, and he has a gossip blog and one of the things he really wants to due is to unmask Violet which can be a problem for her.

Who is Violet?

Violet is a normal, 13 year old girl who one day finds a mask which gives her superpowers.

Who is Black Scorpion?

Black Scorpion, or Cruz, is Violet's uncle and he is also a luchador with a magical mask which gives him superpowers.

What kind of superpowers do Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion have?

Well Ultra Violet can run really fast and Black Scorpion has super strength and he can actually teleport using shadows which is the coolest thing ever.

Do Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion get along?

Of course, they are actually family, niece and uncle, and they are training to be the best superheroes together.

Does Violet have brothers or sisters?

She has a brother who she doesn't get along very well with, but she also has a very good friend, Maya, who is like her sister.