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Violetta is an entire show about a teenage girl that loves music! This Disney series is going to bring forward the life of a teenager that wants to become a famous singer, but which wants to live an ordinary life as well, fall in love and act like a teenager from Buenos Aires.

A new Disney story is yet to appear here on our website! The Violetta games category is ready to appear with a new set of games for girls which you can play with all of your friends. Violetta games is a set of free challenges, because this is a new category 100% for girls, made by Disney in 2012. This is going to be an Argentinian telenovela for teenagers, which has a main character that has a teenage girl as the main character, and her name will be Violetta, who lives in Buenos Aires, which is the capital of Argentina.

The entire Violetta series had a total of three seasons on Disney Channel, and each one of the seasons will have a different story, based on the life of Violetta. As we already said, she lives in Buenos Aires, where she moved from her local town in order to find love, and pursue her love and passion for music. She is going to appear in this musical show which is mostly filmed in Spain. If you didn't watch the Violetta series on Disney Channel, you will soon learn that each and every one of the episodes of this new Disney Channel show is going to have at least one original song created and written for this show, which will make it unique and will make the Violetta games even more interesting.

This is going to be a category filled with cute little girly challenges, in which you will meet with Violetta in different scenarios, and soon enough, after spending enough time playing these new Disney Channel Violetta games, you will be able to call Violetta one of your best friends. Just like you, she is a teenage girl that loves to sing, so most of the challenges inside the Violetta games are going to be music-related, but plenty of them will be fashion Violetta games dress up, in which you will have to help your friends be a real fashionista when she goes outside her home. These are just two examples of the Violetta pc games that we have prepared for you inside this new category, but if you are not convinced that our new category can be your favorite, we are going to tell you more in the following paragraphs.

You girls need to know one thing, this is a very modern category! The games that you are able to play inside the Violetta games category will be very exciting, and each of them is available to be played on all of your devices: try them out on your phone, your computers, desktops, laptops or even tablets, and see which is your favorite, and help Violetta in any way she needs.

Season 1 - Violetta

The entire first season is going to be based on the return of Violetta from Spain, where she lived with her father to Buenos Aires, where she wants to become a real star. Violetta loves to sing, she studied music in Europe, and now she wants to be the next big star of Argentinian music. Violetta is going to want to fall in love as well like any teenager, and she meets with Tomas and Leon, two boys that have two different personalities, and they will end up fighting each other for Violetta's love. Violetta has to choose between the two boys, and you might be shocked by her choice! Who do you think she chooses?! Tomas or Leon?! Tomas was not picked by Violetta, and he has to move out of Buenos Aires to help his ad with work.

This is just a short sum-up of the first season, and we are sure that you will love the little details that you can know only if you are playing the free online games of Violetta from our website, or if you watch each episode. The first season is a real hit and became more and more popular between teenage girls, and so there's a second season coming on Disney Channel, where you can watch the progress of Violetta's music career, and so you can spend more and more time together and become best friends.

Season 2 - Violetta

A new plot is ready to be set in place in season two of Violetta, when she is working in a musical studio, finds love, and even has enemies! In the beginning of this season, it's news that Violetta and Leon are getting back together, and that there's a new character that is going to be the protagonist or the villain, as you wish. His name is Diego, and he is going to be part of Ludmila's plan to take out Violetta from the studio, and her to take her place as lead singer of the studio. After just a few episodes, there's a turn-around in the Violetta & Leon love, because he started doing extreme sports, and he has a mechaninc in his team a girl called Lara, who he falls in love with.

Do you have a love story similar to one that Violetta lives with Leon? You will be able to learn more about it through the Violetta games that we are going to post inside this new category, and you will see that there are going to be plenty of love games, love quiz games, Valentine's Day games with Violetta that you can play for free! You will be able to help Violetta get over her breakup with Leon, and you will see that she is going to be back the full throttle to her singing career which can make her one of the most popular teenage girls in Argentina.

Play with Violetta

Being a story for girls, Violetta is of course popular among teenage girls, and that will be reflected in each and every one of the games we are going to post inside the Violetta games category here on our website. You will see that there are going to be plenty of Violetta makeover games, Violetta games dress up, Violetta puzzle games and even games like dreaming mary, in which you can have a lot of fun mostly because these games are free to play online, and that Violetta cannot wait to play with you guys some adventure games as well as new ability challenges!

The most popular game of this category is Violetta Jewel Match, and it gained over thirty thousand plays, which makes it very interesting, and you dear children can see that it's going to be a Bejeweled type of challenge. Inside the game, Violetta has prepared for you guys a set of jewels that have never seen before. The jewels will have different colors, and you will see that they are going to be laid on a grid, and your main task is to use the MOUSE and start to move the jewels left, right, up or down in order to create a row of at least 3 jewels of the same color, and you will break them, and you will manage to collect points and bonuses.

Another popular game is Violetta PLaying Piano, and it's the very first musical challenge with Violetta that you girls can try for free! You can see that Violetta is going to want to get ready for a piano concert in Buenos Aires, and you will have to start by finding out the perfect fashion outfit for Violetta to wear. The second part of the game is the makeup, hairstyle, and accessory challenge, in which you have to match the style of Violetta's hair, makeup, and the beautiful outfit you just chose for her to wear during the piano concert.

Is Violetta real?

This is a story, but the actors inside the Violetta show are real.

Where does Violetta live?

She moved back to Buenos Aires - Argentina from Spain.

Does Violetta find love?

Yes, she was in love with Leon.

Does Violetta make it as a singer?

Violetta starts to become more and more popular as a singer in Argentina.

How many Violetta seasons are there?

Currently, the show stopped at seasons 3.

Are there going to be new Violetta episodes?

No, not for the nearest future.