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The administrative team of games-kids.com has decided to bring you the new category of games dedicated to the characters from the serie Wallykazam. In this new category we invite you to play all the games we have to offer with Wallykazam and his friends.

A very fun category called Wallykazam is appearing and it’s available starting from today right here on our website! This is the new Wallykazam games category from Nickelodeon, in which a little monster character is going to come with all of his friends and with his Nickelodeon brothers and sisters so that you guys can have plenty of exciting little adventures and challenges to try out for free. The online Wallykazam games that we are going to post for you boys and girls are all going to be free to play online, so we are sure that you will have a great time, and as a surprise, you will be able to try them out even playing on your tablets or phones, not only on your computers.

The entire story of the Wallykazam games that you can see here on our website is going to take place in a very magical world, and you will see that even the main character is a little monster. This is a very interesting Nickelodeon challenge, in which you have the chance to see how fast you can learn more and more about the Wallykazam monster inside this children’s animated television series, in which you can see the very first episode was in 2014. Nick Jr is the station where the Wallykazam episodes from season 1 could have been watched, and the show run until 2020 on Nickelodeon, until the series was added to Paramount+.

This is going to be a very exciting new category of online games for children, in which you will see that plenty of Nickelodeon characters like the Paw Patrol puppies, Henry Danger, The TNMNT, Shimmer and Shine or plenty of other little girl or boy superheroes, animals or monsters will appear, and you will see that the new Wallykazam games will even have all of these characters inside the challenges.

Be a good monster

We already said, that this is a special category! The special things that will show you how much fun you can have is by entering the new world. A magical world, in which monsters are going to be the humans of the world. This Nickelodeon world is a very exciting and unique, because it’s full of color, the characters will be new and never seen before. The main character of the Wallykazam games is going to be a little troll called Wally Trollman, and he is going to give the name of the show, as his friends is going to call him Wallykazam after plenty of his magical tricks went wrong, and the outcome was not the one that everybody expected.

Wally is not going to be all alone in this new category of games for kids online, and you will see that he will be always with his best friend! A human’s best friend is known to be a dog, but for a troll, that’s not really possible. Inside this category from Nickelodeon, you will see that a dog is transformed into a dragon. A nice and cute little dragon named Norville, and you will see that besides this little dragon character there will be other trolls, fairies, monsters and magical creatures that you will be able to meet with inside the Nickelodeon Wallykazam games right here on our website.

Of course, there’s no category on our website without a little bit of adventure, and you will see that Wally is always going to get into some kind of trouble. He wants to explore more and more things with the help of his magic, so him and Norville will often have problems containing the magic, and get out of trouble safe. For that, there will be plenty of Wallykazam adventure games for you to try out, and you will see how by the end of the challenges, you will be rewarded with extra points, and plenty of other new Wallykazam online games for kids will continue to appear in this new category.

Trolls, fairies and magic

There are plenty of exciting things that are going to await for you inside the new Wallykazam games here on our website, and all you have to do is search for online Wallykazam games for kids, and you can see that our challenges are free to play, and available even on your mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops. One of the first characters that you will meet inside this new Nickelodeon story is going to be Wally. He is the main character, a little troll about your age! Wally is only 6, but in troll years that might be more. He is easy to be recognized in the story and the Wallykazam games, because he is the only blue troll character in the story.

Wally loves magic, and he is continuously learning new magic spells that he can use. To use magic, any wizard needs a magic wand, and Wally will have one and you will see it in all the episodes. Most of Wally’s magic is going to rely on words. He is able to make words come to reality, so if you are talking about wood, Wally is able to make a spell with his wand and create the wood appear in front of you. You will be with Wally in all of his magical adventures, and you can make magic spells in each Wallykazam games that you are going to play here on our website.

Besides the main character, there are plenty of other challenges ready for you to try out. One of the most important characters besides Wally is going to be Norville. He is Wally’s best friend and pet dragon, one of the characters in this Nickelodeon story that doesn’t have the ability to speak, even though all the other characters are creatures just like the little dragon. You will see throughout the Wallykazam games that we post that he has the ability to communicate, because his barks and yips have different notes, so he can actually form words easily so that everybody can understand him.

Where can we watch Wallykazam?

The series is on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.

Who is the main character of this show?

Wally Trollman is the main character's name.

How old is Wally?

Wally is six years-old.

What color is Wally?

Wally is blue.

How many seasons of Wallykazam are there?

There are three seasons released of Wallykazam.