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Wednesday is the daughter or Morticia and Gomez Addams and her story begins after she is expelled from her regular high school because she puts piranha in the swimming pool to punish the water polo team for bullying her brother. After she is expelled, Wednesday enrolls in Nevermore Academy which is a highschool for the monstrous outcasts, and here it is where she discovers her psychic abilities which help her go on a murder mystery-solving adventure.

Because we are here to make sure you are always having a good time here on our site,, we know how important it is to give you the chance to play with the coolest characters here on our site, because one of the most special things about the games which you get to try out here on our site is that you are playing with a lot of fun characters, characters who can't wait to become friends with you, or simply to become even closer friends with you and just play together.

And that is exactly why we have this brand new category for you, Wednesday Games, a category which we are sure is not going to remain a mystery for you kids because Wednesday, the daughter of the Addams Family, is one of the most popular girls you get to play with nowadays and we are sure you will all be really excited to try out allt he most amazing games we have with Wednesday.

Addams Family

There is indeed a big possibility that you have already heard about the Addams Family because there are comic books, cartoons, tv series, games, and so on, a lot of possibilities for you to get to know the Addams Family. They are a family of old money clan, after all, they are living in an old, possibly haunted mansion that looks more like a castle, and they delight in the macabre and one of the odd things about them, or the funny things, is that they seem unaware of the fact that their odd family is considered as such by the normal families.

They love to scare each other, and torturing each other is a sign of love, something which Wednesday and Pugsley Addams, the two kids, love doing to each other.

So the family consists of Morticia and Gomez Addams, their kids Wednesday and Pugsley, Uncle Fester, and Grandmama who often appear in the cartoons, and of course, Thing which is a disembodied hand and the butler Lurch, they are all living their life together, in their odd, sinister way.


Because we want to make sure you kids know what you are getting into when you try out the Wednesday games in this new Wednesday Games category, we are going to tell you all about her story so you would feel even closer to her, even though many of you, if not all of you are likely to already know it.

The story of Wednesday is a little bit different than the usual cartoons which you could see with her whole family, the Addams Family, and that is mainly because it revolves mainly about Wednesday and it follows her life through the messy days of high school.

At the beginning of the series, Wednesday is at a normal high school, but she quickly gets expelled because she puts Piranha in the swimming pool, but that is only to punish the boys' water polo team because they were bullying her brother, Pugsley. So even though the whole family is macabre and loves everything which is synyster, they really love each other and they really look out for each other, and even though Wednesday really loves to torture Pugsley, it is clear that she is the only one allowed to do that.

So after she is expelled from her regular high school, where she never really fits in, her parents take her to their alma mater, Nevermore Academy, a private school in Jericho, which is a place for all the monstrous outcasts. Some of them are werewolves, like her roommate Enid, some of them are Sirens, gorgons, vampires, and so on.

Wednesday's psychic powers

On the same day, she starts school at Nevermore Academy, Wednesday finds out that she inherited her mother's psychic powers and those give her some really powerful visions which she doesn't really seem to be in control of, but these psychic powers take her on a mystery adventure in which she discovers her new role at this school, the life which her parent had at this school and how their romance started and all about the prophecy of the entire school, which always seems to be in danger because of the neverending conflict between outcasts and normies, which are the normal people living in Jericho.

She soon finds out about the history of these places and, of course, about the Nevermore Academy and she even has some visions of her ancestors, one of which is Goody Addams who apparently was a very powerful witch, and she has a very dangerous conflict with the villain of the story, Joseph Crackstone, Jericho's founding father who is intent on killing all outcasts.

There are a lot of mysteries to uncover in the Nevermore Academy history and you can uncover a lot of them together with Wednesday, going along with her on all of her adventures and of course that there are a lot of games here prepared for you in which you simply get to know her, to become friends with her and to simply have fun.

Wednesday's Friends

Her best friend and roommate is Enid Sinclair, she is a colorful werewolf who is on her own story of wolfing out, something which young werewolves do when they can first fully transform into a werewolf.

Larissa Weems is the shapeshifter principal of Nevermore Academy, she is very intelligent and really cares about her student and Wednesday soon finds out that she was best friends and roommates with her mother, Morticia.

Tyler Galpin is a barista at the local coffee shop, he has a romantic interest in Wednesday and he is good friends with her until she finds out he is in fact a hyde. Xavier Thorpe is a student at Nevermore Academy who is also interested in Wednesday and his special ability is to transform his art and make it come to life.

There are a lot of amazing things to discover at Nevermore Academy and in all of the Wednesday Games here on our site and we hope you are going to be curious about all of them.

Who is Wednesday?

Wednesday is the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams.

Where does Wednesday go to school?

After she is expelled from her regular high school, Wednesday goes to Nevermore Academy.

What is Nevermore Academy?

Nevermore is a special school for monstrous outcasts.

Does Wednesday have friends?

Her closest friends are Enid and Eugene.

Who are the Addams Family?

The Addams Family are a family of odd individuals, who love the macabre and the Synyster and they love torturing each other to show love.