Wednesdays Breakup Handbook

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"Wednesday's Breakup Handbook" comes to the rescue for Enid, who's in need of some cheering up after discovering her boyfriend's betrayal. As her best friend, Wednesday is determined to help Enid overcome her sadness and transform her into a confident and radiant version of herself. Here's how you can assist Wednesday in guiding Enid through this tough time.

The first is skin treatment, start by taking care of Enid's face, which has been affected by her tears. Help her cleanse and treat her skin to ensure it's healthy and glowing before moving on to the makeup and styling. Then the makeup makeover where  you will use a variety of cosmetics to enhance Enid's natural beauty. 

Apply blush, lipstick, eye-shadow, eyeliner, and even experiment with different contact lens colors to create the perfect look for her. Choose shades and styles that complement her features and personality. Then come the dress up session where you will dive into Enid's wardrobe and select stylish outfits that reflect her unique sense of style. Mix and match tops, bottoms, dresses, and jackets to create fashionable ensembles. 

Don't forget to accessorize with earrings, necklaces, purses, and hats to complete the look. Next is hairstyling where you will help Enid choose a hairstyle that suits her mood and personality. Whether she prefers sleek and sophisticated or bold and edgy, you have the tools to create the perfect hairdo for her. Once Enid's transformation is complete, both girls will be ready to face the world with confidence and style. 

With your help, they'll turn heads and show everyone that they're stronger together. Are you ready to dive into Wednesday's Breakup Handbook and help Enid rediscover her inner beauty? Let the makeover magic begin! We hope you will enjoy this game and you will have an awesome playtime filled with joy!

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