Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

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Xavier Riddle is going to bring you guys through amazing historical events with the help of coloring pages, amazing adventures in caves or glacier periods. The action challenges can be played with characters like Indiana Jones, you can learn to play music on different instruments with Bach or Beethoven.

A very exciting new story is upon to appear here on our website, where you are going to meet with new exciting characters from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Boomerang, Minimax or Disney Channel/Disney Junior, and today we are publishing the new Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum category, in which you can find amazing games and stories to play even on your mobile phones and tablets.

These new Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum games are going to be amazing! This is your change to make friends with Xavier Riddle, and you will see that he will show you different parts of an awesome museum that he and his friends from school discovered. Spoiler alert! This is just a few things from inside the main plot of this story, so continue reading this description and you will learn more about the games, the cartoon they are based on, and the life of Xavier Riddle.

The story of the secret museum with Xavier Riddle

You must know, that this new category is based on a real cartoon! This Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum story can be watched even today, in 2021 on PBS Kids, and the games are going to start pooring here on our website, once we publish it. These new games are going to be from different secondary categories, so we are sure that you will manage to find at least one challenge that you are going to love. Because these are very modern and high tech games, you can see that these games can be most likely played even on your mobile phones and tablets! The HTML5 technology gives you the opportunity to play the Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum games wherever you are if you have an internet connection, so you have to try each game from this new category and vote on them to see which is your favorite, and even try to play them if they have an multiplayer mode with all of your friends from school, from your neighborhood, or from different cities, countries and why not, continents.

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum is an amazing story! This is a cute flash-animated television series, which was first launched in 2019 on PBS Kids, and it's based on a best seller book, which helped children fall asleep for a long period of time, and the name of that book is Ordinary People Change the World. One of the main characters of this new story is going to be Xavier Riddle and his sister Yadina. But besides them, you are going to meet with other types of characters, that also are going to go inside the Secret Museum, where the heroes from througout the history of mankind, are going to be represented as children.

That's the main catch of this new cartoon, which makes it even to be unique, because there's no other story that we know of that is changing the personality of heroes from history books that won wars or changed the world through peace, inventions and amazing discoveries of worlds, chemistry, technlogoy, astrology or phisycs. Normally, the people in history books are adults, but inside the Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum story, you can see that each of these history characters that you will learn about in school one day, are going to be represented as children cartoon characters, which is going to be a lot of fun, because even thought they are smart, brave and wise, they will be small children, just like Xavier Riddle.

Through history books and historical events

As we said before, this is going to be a very good educational and very creative new set of games, because Xavier Riddle and his friends will try to challenge your mind in any way he can think of! You will find inside this new story category a bunch of Puzzles and many other related games, in which you will only have to place puzzle pieces in the right place to have a complete picture, but you can build all kind of stuff with famous inventors and arhitects from the history books.

The educational games are also going to be very present inside this new Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum games category, because dear children you can see that you can play school-ish games like solving math problems, with some of the most brilliant minds of the world such as Thomas Edison, Niectze or Albert Einstein, and for that you will find a lot of quiz games, math games and even physics games, in which you have to build different objects and use just the power of the earth to move them from point A to point B.

The characters will all be children, so you will see that they will often find amazing games inside the Secret Musem that you can play just with the use of your mouse, and for that you have to go inside the Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum category and start looking for your favorite one. There are going to be coloring challenges, in which Xavier Riddle, Yanda or their friends will prepare for you full on coloring books that you can finish coloring in just one play! Memory games are also very important in this category, and you can see how much good they will manage to make, because it's a very good exercise for your brain to try to remember things or objects and try to find their original marks.

One you discovered which are the main games, we are sure that you will want to learn even more about these Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum characters, and which will be some of the historical heroes that are going to appear inside our new category. Of course, you will have a lot of fun playing music with amazing musicians such as Bach or Beethoven, but at the same time, you will manage to fly in outer space with Neil Armstrong, the first man who stepped on the moon. These are just a few people from the history books that you can meet with inside this new Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum category, so stay tunned and find the games you like!