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This time the new category that we have for you now is created especially for the characters from the movie known as Zootopia.

Hey guys , guess what we have another new category of games for you and you are very excited to say that this is one of the best. You all know that our administrative team is always trying to bring you as many new categories as possible . Today we are happy to say that one of the new categories are about to be offered and that we will make all that is possible to bring you the most beautiful online games ever . The number of our games are constantly increasing and we are very happy to say that slowly we are reaching the number that we wanted to have and we also want you to know that we won't stop and that we will have even more new categories for you everyday . This time the new category that we have for you now is created especially for the characters from the serie known as Zootopia. Here we will do our best to offer you all the existing games with the characters from the serie. Before we offer you the game you want to tell you a little about the story of the movie and the characters . We know that many of you may not know this movie because it's an upcoming movie it doesn't get released only next year in 2016, but we want you to have the category and the games that exist already and start knowing the characters from it. The action of this movie takes place in the city of Zootopia, a city that is like no other. Unfortunately, here in this city lives many different types of animals that can talk and walk, being basically as intelligent as human . Like any other cities, this city is separated into different classes where the animals are judged depending on their species and what they are. Anyway everything seems to change when Judy Hopps arrives. Judy is an optimistic officer and a bunny, who discovers that she is the first bunny in the police force where there are only big and tough animals and this , makes a very hard job for her. Judy is determined to prove herself that she can do whatever she wants , that she can solve any case , any missing persons, anything like any other police or even better . This adventure in which she will go with her new friends will change her whole life and the life of the whole city. Are you eager to play the games that we have for you in this new category? Well than come and join us and have a lot of fun, here on the most loved website with the games for both boys and girls. Do not forget to Like and Share us on Facebook and Google Plus in order to get notifications with all the games that we upload. Enjoy!

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